I’m off to the Licensing show today so limited posting.

BUT BEFORE I GO, I wanted to address the controversy over my TUF coverage over the past few months. I’m not sorry I did it, and would do it again, but it was very time consuming, and I do think my efforts in the future should be directed towards the main focus of this blog, namely, “nerd news you can use.” I really enjoyed Rafael Kayanan’s very knowledgeable commentary, however, he need to do that regularly somewhere.

Why did I do it? Well I have been an MMA fan for a while, and I have always liked the fighting, whether it was boxing or a HK martial arts flick, and this is a compelling real world application of that. Like many people, I naturally segued into it when the WWE began to lose me. Not that the UFC is an “exhibition” like pro wrestling. These fighters are real athletes who must train to get to world level, and I respect that. Also, I love pro wrestling, but the injuries and death are beginning to get me down. Believe it or not, for a “real bloodsport” MMA is a lot safer than wrestling. There are injuries and broken bones here and there, but nothing like the wholesale physical destruction wrestlers deliberately subject themselves to. I was greatly saddened by the death of Sherri Martel just the other day. She was only 49, and the cause of death is not known but any way you slice it, that’s way too soon. Beat pal Shane Helms is at home for a year with a broken neck, and he’s just lucky to be walking. (Get well soon, Sugar Shane!) It’s all sad. I know MMA has its problems, too just like any sport, but the competitors aren’t quite as fucked up…yet. (Yes I heard about Gracie. I’m reserving judgement.)

Anyhoo, I set myself the task of recapping TUF as a bit of a writing test to see if I could do that kind of narrative. I think I learned a little, and I know Mike Baron enjoyed it, so case closed.

[Image via here via Sherdog}


  1. How could this have been a controverse?!? I skip over the items I’m not interested in. I don’t see why folks stop and complain about items that don’t interest them. The web’s a big place, folks!

  2. I dunno, Heidi, your recaps were witty and entertaining, and I bet if some of these non-fans had actually read them, they would have liked them. I think the experiment was a success. Anyway, outside of your inexplicable fondness for Manny’s lay-and-pray, I’ll miss them!

  3. I liked the recaps too. Just good fun! Rafael’s techincal insights were really valuable.

    Two more advantages of TUF over other “combat” sports:
    1: This season: BJ Penn telling people to “Man up!” This phrase is now frequently heard in my house.
    2: 1: Unlike pro-wrestling, football, baseball, etc, there’s no sketchy performance enhanceing drugs on TUF or in the UFC. They test before and after each bout. Melvin Guillard got busted! Props to UFC for getting off on the right foot, there.

    So thanks for the coverage. Like I said a few weeks back, fighting is a regular feature in all kinds of comics on all levels, and as the sport and comic fans learn more, they’ll expect their writers and artists to keep up with the pace. I enjoyed it before, and would defend it if you decided to do it again.

  4. LOVED the recaps, Heidi! I even sent them to my friends who are into MMA, but not comics. They all got a kick out of them (ugh, sorry!). Keep them coming next season!

  5. I didn’t read the recaps myself, but I’ve got no problems with them being a part of the blog. I enjoy the odd MMA PPV but I don’t watch TUF.

    I like the pro-wrestling news, even though it’s usually very sad news.

    RIP: Sherri Martel.

  6. I think one of the attractions to MMA for me at least has always been the anyone can win on any given night aspect, that back when they had no weight classes, a guy the size of Royce Gracie could choke out Dan Severn with his skinny legs. In that respect MMA and superhero comics have something in common in that both provide some outlet for male power fantasies, that any mild mannered push over could be either a Superman or a world champion. So I never saw MMA coverage as out of place here. The added value of Rafael’s analysis made these posts way more than the kind of random rants that mar so much MMA discussion.

  7. You probably know how I feel–I want to see the recaps return in the fall. And I know someone who will be amused to hear that you got the Mike Baron thumbs up.

    And man, this really turned out to be a great season. I’ve enjoyed every TUF so far, but I was getting…not bored exactly, but less excited with the whole concept. This season really reawakened my interest in the show, mostly because the fights were good and the coaches were motivated and antagonistic. I can’t wait to see how Serra and Hughes interact next season; the all-WW format should ensure some good fights as well. Plus Mac Danzig is a fellow non-carnivore, so I guess I’m going to have to pull for him.