And oh how yore they are. Alan Light, founder of The Buyer’s Guide/Comics Buyer’s Guide is one of the most organized Flickr users we’ve ever encountered and he has a couple of sets from the history of TBG/CBG that those reminiscing about the now canceled publication might enjoy.

Here one from the TBG days of Light and staff writer Murray Bishoff.

And one from Iola, WI, when it moved to Krause. Lots of scenes from the early days of conventions and fandom—and also the eras of lots of random snapshots of people standing around, aka Before Instagram. Here are two of note.2175240011_c30359b8d6.jpg
I guess this is a photo of moving and not a Hoarders outtake, but see that egg crate? Exactly the kind I once used to store everything, including old TBGs.
Here are Maggie Thompson and her late husband Don putting together the newspaper. I dunno exactly what Don is typing on—some kind of compositor—but this is the sort of grueling punishment editors had to go through before the days of desktop publishing and InDesign.

One thing hasn’t changed a bit in 30 years though—cubicle design.


  1. I used to love reading CBG back in the 90s when I worked at a comic book store. It really had some great articles. Amazing that it lasted this long into the internet age. My best to all involved with whatever they choose to do in the future.

  2. Purchased my first issue in 1971 (can’t seem to recall #11 or #13), but it was 40+ years ago, and when this came in the mail, I read every page, including all of the ads. I later found RBCC, The Comics Reader and The Comics Journal….

  3. Recent issues I devoured in an hour or so, but with great pleasure. I do remember those old 300+ page issues of years gone by. It often took several hours to read thru an issue, despite much of it being ads.

    My best wishes to the CBG team. I was honored to be a long time reader, and there is no other publication that has ever brought me more joy….

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