Debuting at 9 am on a Sunday morning (thanks so much for that!), here is the final trailer for the big culmination of DC Films’ superhero efforts up to this point.

Justice League, which hits theaters on November 17th, has been a point of curiosity for me due to its extensive reshoot period – with reports stating that Joss Whedon, who stepped in for Zack Snyder back in March, may have reshot up to a third or more of the film. Other statements from the actors themselves here and there have downplayed that narrative.

Either way, perhaps more than what’s going on on-screen, I feel like I’m going to be spending a good deal of time analyzing who shot what between the two filmmakers (whose visual stylings are quite different, to say the least). Though, I find that kind of exercise rather fun, and that says nothing about the actual quality of the movie itself – which looks to be a veritable cacophony of action, and lots of red skies, and red filters – based on what we see below.

I haven’t been more curious about the process of making one of these superhero movies in a long time, and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

(oh and we finally get Henry Cavill in one of these promos, hallelujah!)


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