I’m not sure this has anything to actually do with Halloween, but a new issue of Jordan Crane’s Uptight is coming out and he describes it as:

4 stories in which awful and terrible things happen. Keeping Two, Wake Up, the Dark Nothing, and the Middle Nowhere.

which sounds scary. 

The issue is available for pre order now, just $10 for 112 pages of dread. Crane is one of the godfathers of the indie scene, since his groundbreaking Non anthology way back in the day through the previous four issues of Uptight, with his clean, fluid art and disturbing stories about angst and now isolated terror. In case you need more here are further content descriptions:


The Dark Nothing:

In the asteroid belt, the 3 person crew of prospecting ship Sagasu 17 have arrived at their intended asteroid to find that most of it is missing. Curiously, the mass of rubble has an unexpectedly large gravity. As they attempt to harvest some loose parts of it, things go horribly awry.


the Middle Nowhere

In between the middle of the dark nothing and all that lies beyond, there is the middle nowhere.  A man in a small shack waits.  All around him is a black sand desert.  The wind rises, the rain comes, and this just might be the end of everything he’s known

Okay I am sold, this is Halloween ready. Crane sells many more comics by Sammy Harkham and Steven Weissman at the What Things do store. And there are many many free amazing comics just sitting there waiting to be read. Have a look.


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