Mariah Huehner is a long time fixture of the comics scene as an editor (Vertigo, IDW) and a bestselling comics writer (True Blood) and now she has a Patreon for all her spooky activities including:

Now I get to draw monster girls and tells strange stories about dragons and adventures, and you get to share them with me! That’s really all I’ve ever wanted; to be able to share the things I love to make with other people who love the same things.

So, what will you get from this Patreon? First; a monthly Monster Girl portrait. Will it be a Selkie, a Gorgon, an Ogress, a Vampire, a Werewolf? Yes! 

You’ll also see Monster Cupcakes, sketches in pencil and ink, watercolors, at least 4 images a month. You’ll also get to see the sketches, inks, and little stories about them as a subscriber.

Huehner is also serializing her middle grade novel UNDERTOWN on her site for patrons.

” In a small clearing in a sunny, leafy forest, there is small, neglected cottage with only a gnarly old apple tree for company. It sits quietly, plainly, forgettably. From the outside it looks like what it is: a rundown little house with a door that always sits slightly ajar. If you don’t look too closely, which most people don’t, it lives day in and day out with nothing more interesting going on than the occasional squirrel nest.

Until the child comes. And all that changes. “

Her Patroen is just getting started so check it out and throw a few bucks her way if you’re so inclined.

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