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F YEAH!!!!!! If there is one Halloween tradition in comics that must be kept is a new digital comic by Emily Caroll! Her previous uses of the digital palette to create horror has made her one of the few true autuers of “future comics”—and the print iteration, Through the Woods is one of the best graphic novels of the year. Her previous horror comics like His Face All Red, Margot’s Room, Out of Skin and The Hole the Fox Did Make are all classics of terror and digital storytelling.

And here she is this year with When The Darkness Presses, which …..Oh I’m not going to say a word. JUST CLICK IT. When I saw she had a new horror comic out I just about yelled for joy. And that was before I even opened the door. Drop whatever you are doing and do the same.



  1. DUDE, how can there be no other comment on a new horror comic by the wonderful Emily Carroll? I want a printed book of her short stories. <3

    BTW, I haven't read the new one yet. That's my reward tonight for getting the kitchen cleaned up post-Halloween. Thanks for posting about this. Loves me some Emily Carroll art/storytelling.

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