The warning signs of an oversaturated convention market have been everywhere of late, from Wizard’s tightening its belt to the Rewind Con debacle, but now two already established shows from a reliable convention promoter, Jimmy Jay’s Amazing Comic Cons, are being cancelled in 2017. Amazing Arizona Comic Con, planned for February 18-19, 2017 in Phoenix has been cancelled, and Amazing Houston Comic Con, which had a seemingly successful event in September has also been cancelled. Amazing Las Vegas in June and Amazing Hawaii in August will go on as planned. In a statement on the website, the shows blamed many factors:

In 2017, we have taken the both Arizona and Houston Conventions off our show schedule. Changes in guest policies, the comic market, and social climate were causes to re-evaluate moving forward in these cities. Phoenix and Houston are both strong fan communities with multiple genre celebrations throughout the calendar year. While we feel the perspective of Amazing Comic Conventions remains unique, where the Architects of Pop Culture are on the marquee, featuring primarily comic creators; we believe a greater attention can be built by focusing on each of two calendar dates, building these to be the best events possible.

We thank the creators which have joined us for past seven years including Robert Kirkman, Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, Geoff Johns, Greg Capullo, Kevin Eastman, George Perez, Jeph Loeb, Herb Trimpe, Mark Silvestri, Steve McNiven, Mark Bagley, Adam Kubert, Chad Hardin, and dozens more of the best artists and writers in the history of our industry that helped launch the Amazing Comic Con brand. Add Walking Dead Cast members Jon Bernthal, Steven Yeun, Chandler Riggs, and Danai Gurira all making their convention circuit debuts, as well as appearances of your favorite pop personalities from video games, voices of anime, Power Rangers and more.

Most of all we thank you the fans for supporting our events. Whether you arrive to our events from in town, or vacation in one of these exotic destinations, Amazing Comic Conventions believes in creating the best fan experiences. We look to build bigger and better in 2017 with the strongest Pop Culture Personalities!

Amazing Comic Cons are billed as more “art based” old school conventions, with an emphasis on comics guests, and its sad to see this kind of show go away. However both Texas and Arizona have incredibly crowded convention schedules. In a discussion on fellow retailer Jesse James’s FB page, Jay wrote:

landscape is a broad term used here. The marketplace is much different than when we started organizing conventions 6+ years ago-with a number of fan events in phoenix (and in arizona) have spring up, not to mention a strong store retail presence doing signings, sales, and promotions. JJC does some great stuff throughout the year, there is the Samurai/Bookman event on FCBD,and others who have followed their lead.

I this the start of a trend? I would imagine so.

Amazing Comic Conventions returns in 2017 with the following events:

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con
June 23-24-25
Las Vegas Convention Center

Amazing Hawaii Comic Con
August 25-26-27
Hawaii Convention Center


  1. As a full time vendor on the comic con circuit, i beg to differ. the market is not oversaturated, but it is filled with new promoters coming into existing markets with successful cons and diluting the mix. There are many markets without a major comic con and if the right promoter with ample money comes in, you have a strong first event that can grow, year after year.

    With respect to Wizard, there formula does not work, 100% media only costs a lot, and it alienates the comic base. With WIzard dropping events, new promoters will come into these markets and turn them into gems within two years.

    The business part of comic con changes daily, and yet the strongest (ReedPop, Informa, etc.) Conventions continue to grow or sell out. Comic Con is the real deal. Bad promoters, mad management, bad decisions, lead to failures, not a bad comic environment. Comic Con will continue to expand and grow, just not as fast over the past 10 years.

    To big, to fast is in the past. Wizard World has announced events in smaller cities, which should right the troubled promotion. Old school, built ;this biz, one fan at a time. First time promoters hitting a home run mega con is in the past. Hard work, patience and time grows the con. Cutting corners will bankrupt the biz. .

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