I was away from the computer for Badge-o-ween but Kevin Melrose proves he’s at good at live-blogging as he is everything else with a blow by blow chronology of the drama of people around the world sitting in front of their computers waiting to enter credit card information. You could only buy single day passes this year, but could get all four with a few clicks, so otherwise things were much the same, time and sell-out wise.


The Unofficial SDCC Blog has its own detailed run down and some advice on what to do next:

Lucky for them, there’s still hope. Every year CCI has put for sale badges which have been returned or cancelled, generally in May or June. Quantities are limited, and CCI has stated that it’s not even a guarantee it will happen, but history says it should. The SDCC 2014 badge refund deadline is May 23, so expect a sale date shortly afterwards based on the remaining inventory of badges. We recommend everyone getting just one day if at all, so that they can qualify for 2015 preregistration if they so desire to return – sage advice for those who walked away without a badge in today’s open registration.

Hotel rooms go on sale on April 8th, or so we’re told.


  1. Very disappointing, I only managed to get 20 badges, I was hoping for 40 because that’s how many I scalped last year.

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