200910061255The nominations for the 2009 Friends of Lulu Awards, honoring the people, projects and characters who most promoted female participation in comics have just been announced. Voting details are here. Voting is open via email until October 19th, with winners being announced in November.

Kim Yale Award for Best New Talent

(must have first published work within the last three years)

Kate Beaton, Hark, A Vagrant

Liz Baillie, My Brain Hurts

Mariko Tamaki, Skim

Madeline Rosca, Hollow Fields

Kathryn Immonen, Hellcat

Sabrina Jones, Isadora Duncan: A Graphic Biography

Tracy White, Traced

Lulu of The Year

(awards the creator/s, book, or other project whole work best exemplifies Friends of Lulu’s mission)

Shaenon K. Garrity, Skin Horse

Lynda Barry, What It Is

Danielle Corsetto, Girls With Slingshots

Nate Powell, Swallow Me Whole

Mariko and Jillian Tamaki, Skim

Terry Moore, Echo

Jessica Abel, Life Sucks, Drawing Words and Writing Pictures

Woman of Distinction

(nominees work in the comic industry in non-creator roles such as editing, publishing, reporting, or retail)

Joanne Carter Siegel, widow of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel

Gina Gagliano, Marketing Associate at First Second Books

Jackie Estrada, Eisner Committee & Exhibit A Press

Francoise Mouly, Editorial Director of Toon Books

Mimi Cruz, owner of Night Flight Comics

Leah Adezio Award For Best Kid-Friendly Work

Korgi, Christian Slade

Sardine in Outer Space, Emmanuel Guibert and Joann Sfar

Gary the Pirate, Scott Christian Sava

Rapunzel’s Revenge, Shannon, Dean & Nathan Hale)

Stinky, Eleanor Davis

Tiny Titans, Art Baltazar

Hereville, Barry Deutsch

The Female Cartoonists And Comic Book Writer’s Hall Of Fame

(formerly, The Female Cartoonists Hall Of Fame)

CLAMP, Chobits, Kobato, Cardcaptor Sakura, and many many more

Tove Jansson, Moomin

Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket

Gail Simone, Wonder Woman, Secret Six, Birds of Prey

Best Female Character

Monica Villarreal, Wapsi Square by Paul Taylor

Kimberly “Skim” Keiko Cameron, Skim by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki

Rapunzel, Rapunzel’s Revenge by Shannon, Dean, and Nathan Hale

Barbara Thorson, I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly & JM Ken Niimura

Mirka, Hereville by Barry Deutsch

Melanie, Melody by Ilias Kyriazis

Julie Martin, Echo by Terry Moore

This year’s nominations were chosen by a panel. Members of the panel include:

Brigid Alverson – writer, editor, columnist, and blogger
Jennifer Babcock – comic book historian and creator
Abby Denson – writer, cartoonist, and teacher
Cheryl Lynn Eaton – blogger and writer
Chris Eberle – comics retailer
Karen Green – academic librarian and columnist
Robert Randle – purchasing assistant manager, Diamond Distributors


  1. I have to compliment the Friends of Lulu on their awards process. Easily understandable categories, a fair number of nominees per category, no attempts to inflate the numbers of nominees and winners by subdividing categories, and males are nominated too. The nominees and winners can be proud.


  2. Happy for the people mentioned and in the voting, but still for a FoLuLu, still soooo many (particularly women creators and other women in the biz) not being mentioned sucks! :(