If you’re like the many other millions of people quarantined to your home with kids, you know full well that filling time with school work, chores, snacks, and a normally irresponsible amount of screen time can only get you so far. You’re trying to get things done and keep everything in order and — oh my gosh — you would kill for ten minutes to read a book without being asked if you’ve ever seen a “real life dinosaur”, and realize that teachers should be the real billionaires in your country.

Okay, maybe I’m projecting a little bit.

But regardless, 2000 AD’s publisher Rebellion has come through to save the day by providing an entirely free, entirely printable children’s activity pack online for those of us who want to raise the next generation of Squaxx dek Thargo while also getting a moment of peace amongst the chaos.

The easily downloadable packet contains coloring activities and create-your-own-comic pages featuring Cadet Judge Dredd from the publisher’s all-ages 2000 AD Regened series; as well as Dredd-themed word searches, picture comparisons, and a hysterical maze where young Earthlets can help baboon-astronaut Chet Jetstream escape his crash landing on a fiendish island. And hey, if you’re little Squaxx really gets into it, there is also an option to order (or digitally download) the upcoming all-ages 2000 AD Regened Prog 2130 set to release in May.

2000 AD’s Children’s activity pack: Spot the Difference!

The idea followed up from artists PJ Holden and Will Sliney starting a fun new trend on Twitter called #WeWillDraw, where the artists are setting a theme (so far, wildlife and robots)and asking children to draw their own imaginative version of it. After only two days, things have really kicked off with thousands of children all over the world having their parents tag the creators in tweets with pictures of their drawings, and Holden and Sliney religiously retweeting as many as possible with encouraging comments attached.

Also recently announced is the first two titles for Roy of the Rovers being free for digital download, including the graphic novel from Judge Dredd writer Rob Williams. And for the adults looks for a little entertainment for themselves, Judge Dredd: Case Files 05 (featuring the iconic John Wager stories “Block Mania” and “The Apocalypse War”) is available for FREE to digitally download as well!

For those of of us at home with kids, this might be the most nerve-wracking and uncertain of times…but at least we can have faith that Rebellion has our back.