What happens when scientists are in desperate need of funding? They become interstellar porn stars, of course! Vault’s Money Shot is getting the trade paperback treatment this month, collecting the first five issues of the saucy series in one softcover tome. Read the synopsis below:

In the near future, space travel is ludicrously expensive and largely ignored. Enter Christine Ocampo, inventor of the Star Shot teleportation device with a big idea: She’ll travel to new worlds, engage-intimately-with local aliens, and film her exploits for a jaded earth populace trying to find something new on the internet. Now, Chris and her merry band of scientist-cum-pornstars explore the universe, each other, and the complexities of sex in MONEY SHOT!

A story about scientists having sex with aliens for the glory of mankind-and money.”

Writer Tim Seeley (Grayson, Revival, and Hack/Slash), co-scripter and comedian Sarah Beattie, and artist Rebekah Isaacs (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel & Faith) lead the comic. Colorist Kurt Michael Russell (Hack/Slash, Glitterbomb), designer Tim Daniel, and letterer Crank! (Rick and Morty, Curse Words) round out the creative team.

Seeley explained in an interview with The Beat, “Well, porn exists just to titillate generally, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, this book is a sci-fi story that happens to be about characters working in the porn industry. There will be titillation of course, but the focus is on the characters and the themes of science and sex. You’re going to read this book for more than five minutes is what I’m saying.”

Isaacs stated: “I think it’s really important to have more representations of sexuality that isn’t presented as dirty and shameful or exclusively fetishistic in all American media, but especially comics.”

Money Shot Trade Paperback is available this month. The Beat received an exclusive preview of the entire first chapter. Read it for free here before grabbing your copy of the book.