Boom Studios is avoiding the San Diego news crush and doing a Dynamite by making their announcements one a day until San Diego. And the first is that Mark Waid, former editor-in-chief at Boom and author of some of their most important creator driven titles, is coming back with a new series. According to the video above it’s “one with a dear friend of mine, one of the most revered artists in comics” an artist he’s wanted to work with for a while. It’s a story that is “Dangerous” and not something another company would touch.

I’m told that the reason Paul Levitz joined the board at Boom was to help them get their creator-owned contract in order, and it seems to be in good shape now, such that Waid is back, and new books like The Woods have successfully launched, and much more is happening. What was that I was just saying about “More to come?”


  1. I’m wondering who the artist is…he knows quite a few amazing people.

    Boom is really stepping up their game. I was worried about the Archaia acquisition, but they seemed to have figured out that by re-introducing monthly comics they are able to put them out as a collection later. All their creator-owned stuff appears very hands-off, which is great, and their all-ages material is terrific.

    I’m wondering if maybe they’ll eventually win a few awards that Image always scoops up?

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