meghan and parker

Parker Adair was a guest columnist here last year, covering C2E2 as a first-time convention-goer.  This year, the planned nuptials prevented a return visit, but instead, they celebrated their union on Free Comic Book Day.  (Easy for me to remember!)

Yes, the couple are bonafide geeks, as was proven when the wedding party made a stop at Krypton Comics for comics and photos.  Photos were taken with the Imperial Guard, a Tusken Raider, and other costumed individuals.  How do you top Darth Vader?  How about Superman?!  Brandon Routh, star of “Superman Returns” and “Scott Pilgrim”, was at the store signing autographs, graciously posed for a photo, and even gifted the couple with a personalized photo!  The rest of us (the wedding party and assorted geeks) grabbed some free comics (including the photographer after I encouraged him) and then headed to the reception.  Free comics…best wedding favor EVAR!

The next morning, while the couple opened gifts, a comics dealers show occurred where much dancing, drinking, eating, and fun was had that night before.  Perhaps that’s a good omen.

If you wish to send salutations to the new couple, their official website is here.

The couple will honeymoon at Disneyworld, while attending the wedding of friends.

We will update with photos as they become available.


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