What we’re doing now

We are working. We are reading up on all the Nerdmageddon posts and douchebag rallies and everything, and working on a con report which hopefully will be up Friday morning. Can’t be done sooner, alas. Tomorrow is another travel day. Today, more meetings.

We honestly don’t think anyone gave a flying frak about Comic-Con by, oh about 4 pm Monday morning. Indeed the entertainment press has already moved on as everyone licks their wounds and starts fretting about getting a hotel room for NEXT year’s con.

Meanwhile, we’ve been looking at produce, and the fun piñatas that adorn them. Los Angeles: a world apart.



  1. Well, I care what you have to say about cci. Hey, aren’t you from LA?

  2. Nah – deep down, Ms. Beat’s a Jersey girl at heart. That’s why she’s such a soulsister to me.



  3. charles foster kane says:

    the press was already on its want to the TCA Press Tour by Sunday afternoon, most likely.

    Tom’s report is up now and looking forward to Heidi’s whenever she gets it done.

  4. Blackeye says:

    Do you actually know what douchebag means?

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