Tell us what webcomics you’re reading!


We’ve been reprimanded by our readers for not spotlighting enough webcomics here so SCHOOL us. DROP SOME KNOWLEDGE ON US. Webcomics creators — post away! Readers — tell us what’s working! Share!



  1. Red Light Properties. Where most web comics are just “scanned” paper comics on your computer, Dan Goldman is actually working inside the browser. Making a comic book for the medium. And it’s also quite good. This is the type of book that print publishers _should_ be doing, but aren’t.

  2. Absolutely loving Katie Cook’s Gronk. It’s an incredibly charming comic strip that always makes me smile.

  3. Homestuck – Andrew Hussie (

  4. The Adventures of the 19XX by Russ Manning nominated artist Paul Roman Martinez.

    1930s dieselpunk action!

  5. Kim C says:

    I adore Multiplex by Gordon McAlpin

  6. I’m partial to HERO HAPPY HOUR at – but than again my opinion may be biased.

  7. I create Method Comix.

    I read The Devil’s Panties, Multiplex, Girls With Slingshots, SMBC, and Dr. McNinja on a regular basis.

  8. “Webcomics creators — post away!”

    Nice! If you insist!

    I’m the artist for Little Guardians –
    All-ages fantasy/adventure comic.
    We just launched last Friday.

    As for webcomics I read, a few on my mind would be:
    Cleopatra in Space by Mike Maihack
    Cucumber Quest
    Red’s Planet by Eddie Pittman
    Power Nap by Maritza Campos and Bachan

    All of them impress me with their art especially but they’re all great comics!

  9. Here are a couple, off the top of my head (in no particular order)

    • Bug
    • The K Chronicles
    • Hark! A Vagrant
    • Let Me Be Frank
    • This Modern World
    • Museum of Mistakes
    • Gabrielle Belle

    and if I could plug my own comic,
    The Blabbing Baboon: “My Daily Comic Journal”

  10. Creator, not reader, here. I’m serializing a webcomic right now called Freedman.

    It’s the story of a freed slave seeking revenge in the old West. It’s about what freedom really means, the experience of blacks immediately after the Civil War, and there’s guns and shooting at stuff, too. A new page every week. (Except this past week, when I was on vacation…)

  11. I make ActionMan Adam –

    I really enjoy reading Nedroid ( It always makes me laugh.

  12. Patrick Scullin says:

    Shameless plug for Super Siblings a comic for geeks and their kids that you’re sure to enjoy or my name ain’t Patrick Scullin. (but you don’t know my name cause you’re not reading it – but you should.)

  13. Trevor says:

    New School Kids. Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes.

  14. Michael Putlack says:

    I totally dig, and although it hasn’t updated in a year, I still go over the archives at pretty often.

  15. Michael Putlack says:

    I totally dig, and although it hasn’t updated in a year, I still go over the archives at pretty often. Oh, and!

  16. My two must-reads are by John Allison, and by Gordon McAlpin.

  17. Nataniel says:

    I read the mentioned Multiplex one.


    And anything by Kate Beaton.

  18. Oliver says:

    ..created “Captain Zap”:
    And coming up on CerebusTV (http://www.Cerebus.TV) July 8th: my comic “Captain Zap ” will be featured! And me and Dave Sim will be doing a “And Now I ask YOU one” leading up to it starting July 4th here:
    Never heard of “CapZap” you say?
    Praised by:
    Jessica Abel, Donna Barr, Charles Brownstein, Howard Cruse, Will Eisner, Mary Fleener, Roberta Gregory, Dylan Horrocks, Nabiel Kanan, James Kochalka, Steve Laffler, Batton Lash, Stan Lee, Marcus Lusk, Jean Marc-Lofficier, Gary Spencer Millidge, Jeff Nicholson, Dave Sim, Chris Staros, James Sturm etc

  19. I’m checking out World of Hurt, which started back from the beginning at!

  20. Schafe says:

    Multiplex as mentioned above is good,

    Dr. McNinja, A Softer World, Looking for Group, Least I could Do, SMBC and Dinosaur Comics round off my regular read list.

  21. There are plenty that I read on a regular basis, including:

    Least I Could Do:
    Looking For Group:
    Ask Dr Eldritch:
    Questionable Content:
    Girl Genius:
    Dresden Codak:
    Rich’s Comixblog(Featuring some great Doctor Who stories):
    Blue Milk Special(Star Wars):
    Dare Sensei(Doctor Who only if The Doctor were Female…and landed in Japan):
    Alien Loves Predator:

    There are others that I read once in a while, but these are the ones I go to on a regular basis.

  22. Some Webcomics I love:

    Hipsters vs. Vampires:

    Life Ain’t No Pony Farm:

    The SWEFS:

    Ménage à 3 (nsfw):

  23. I’m looking forward to checking many of these out. Of course, I like my comic with Frank Kane, called The Temp… Thanks for letting me post it.

  24. Shamelessly plugging myself: I write Split Lip (, a horror anthology where I, in collaboration with artists from all over the world, have published 35 free horror comics–over 500 pages of scares.

    Other webcomics I like include A Softer World, Hark! A Vagrant, Destructor, The Hero Business, and others I’m no doubt forgetting.

  25. I write both Matriculated, a slice-of-life college webcomic, and Another Videogame Webcomic over at

    As for what I read… the Devil’s Panties, Girls With Slingshots, The Gutters, Penny Arcade, Glass Urchin… They’re just the ones I keep up with regularly. There are a bunch that I check in on from time to time.

  26. Theo Macdonald says:

    Multiplex and I Fight Crime ( are both really good.

  27. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
    American Barbarian
    Awesome Hospital
    Double Fine Action Comics
    Ghost Bucket
    Hark! A Vagrant!
    Let’s Be Friends Again
    The Loneliest Astronauts
    The Magic Pen
    The Rack
    Sin Titulo
    Three Word Phrase

  28. I have a webcomic called Nathan Sorry which serializes a graphic novel that I am working on about a guy who should have been in the WTC on 9/11 but instead has gone on the run:

    As far as webcomics that I enjoy reading, I’ll second the first recommendation for Red Light Properties by Dan Goldman which is a really smart, funny, sophisticated read. More like a good Showtime or HBO show than the standard webcomic.

    Ben Towle’s Oyster War is one of the most beautifully colored comics out there:

    Also enjoy:
    Box Brown’s Everything Dies
    Christian Sager and EC Steiner’s Think of the Children

  29. Great idea for a post, Heidi!

    Some of my recent favorites include $5 Vampires (, Destructor (, and Red’s Planet (

    And, of course, I would be remiss if I neglected to mention SMASH (, the all-ages comic I co-created with my brother.

  30. How much Fiffe can on man pact?
    All that Fiffe magic!
    All of it…

  31. ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ by Dov Torbin is going strong on Act-i-vate. It’s an eye-witness account of the Egyptian Revolution told with great humor and heart. Torbin is an ANIMAL, yo.

  32. Keith B says:

    My favorite webcomic is Erfworld:

    But I read a bunch of great webcomics. Without links, here’s a list:

    The Abaddon
    The Abominable Charles Christopher
    The Adventures of Superhero Girl
    American Barbarian
    Awesome Hospital
    Ghost Throat
    Hi-Res Heroes
    Julia Wertz (Formerly Fart Party)
    [The Line]
    The Loneliest Astronauts
    Mimi and Eunice
    Max Overreacts
    The Princess Planet
    Smooth N Natural

  33. Okay, trying for some comics not listed yet:

    Cleopatra in Spaaaace is exactly what you think it is, plus it has a talking cat as the straight man. Excellent all ages work that just completed its second chapter.

    Bug, which is similar to a old fashioned newspaper strip but actually funny. The titular bug talks about everything from his job fears to not wanting to be a vampire.

    My Cardboard Life is essentially a diorama every day, written with a razor British wit, usually at the expense of a Charlie Brown-like character named Colin. Lots of good visual puns, too.

    Those are just 3 off the top of my head!

  34. I create a webcomic called Curls ( which updates every Monday and Thursday.

    Please check it out and let me know what you think. Thank you.

  35. Kristi says:

    Hijinksensue (
    Girls with Slingshots (
    Questionable Content (
    xkcd (
    Multiplex (

    Those are the ones I check on a daily basis.

  36. Rob Leigh says:

    Adam Huber’s “Bug”–hilarious!

  37. I write The Specialists (, so I recommend it, obviously.

    But here are a few others that I think are worth your attention:

    Tales of a Checkered Man (

    Jackie Rose (

    The Abominable Charles Christopher (

  38. I started a webcomic last January called KURSK.


    On a post-apocalyptic landscape. The world’s most dangerous man is humanity’s last hope.

  39. Great idea for a post, Heidi!

    Some of my recent favorites include $5 Vampires (, Destructor (, and Red’s Planet (

    And, of course, I would be remiss if I neglected to mention SMASH (, the all-ages comic I co-created with my brother.

  40. Girl Genius
    Something Positive
    Dumbing of Age
    The Gutters

    A couple of other titles that have slipped my mind at the moment. They’re bookmarked at home…

  41. ‘Comics From Space!’ by Dewey Bass.

  42. According to my RSS I’m subscribed to over 80 webcomics, so I’ll try to narrow things down just a bit…

    Manta Man:
    Robot Beach:
    Laugh-Out-Loud Cats:
    Brawl in the Family:
    Corporate Skull:
    Ellis on Planet X:
    Nathan Sorry:
    Smooth N Natural:
    Manly Guys Doing Manly Things:
    The Adventures of Superhero Girl:

  43. Johnny Q Doe says:

    Modern: Multiplex, Girls with Slingshots, Something Positive, All New Issues, XKCD, Saving The World

    Gaming: Penny Arcade, Control-Alt-Delete, Order of the Stick, ErfWorld

    Fantasy: Dominic Deegan, SubNormality

    Honorable Mention: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics (I wait about a month, and then catch up in one gluttonous sitting)

  44. NYComix Dailies (autobio comix Mon-Fri)

    Dime Show Comix (webcomic about a traveling freak show)

  45. Justin H. says:

    Questionable Content
    Hark! A Vagrant
    Something Positive
    Order of the Stick
    Diesel Sweeties
    Octopus Pie
    Out There
    Our Valued Customers
    MS Paint Adventures (if it counts) and the greatest comic of all time- SWEET BRO AND HELLA JEFF

  46. Johnny Q Doe says:

    PS) Zebra Girl is good, but the irregular updates are a mild turn-off to a frequent follower.

  47. My webcomic is called “Moon Freight 3,” a sci-fi/comedy strip that updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at

    I also enjoy Schlock Mercenary, Evil Inc., Girls With Slingshots, Questionable Content, Weregeek, Remedial Comics, F Chords, Chainsawsuit, Starslip, Ralf the Destroyer, Stale Popcorn, Wondermark, Kiwi Blitz, World of Hurt, Joe Loves Crappy Movies, and Sticky Comics, among many others.

  48. Multiplex (
    Questionable Content (
    Something Positive (
    XKCD (
    Another Gaming Comic (
    Goblins (
    Partially Clips (

  49. ElfGrove says:

    Intelligent, complex story with humor and emotion pair with beautiful are and contextual splashes of color — Namesake is a must read. Start here:

  50. (Tried to post this but it hasn’t gone through. I’ll try without links this time…)

    According to my RSS I’m subscribed to over 80 webcomics, so I’ll try to narrow things down just a bit…

    Manta Man, Robot Beach, Laugh-Out-Loud Cats, Buttersafe, Brawl in the Family, Corporate Skull, Ellis on Planet X, Nathan Sorry, Smooth N Natural, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, The Adventures of Superhero Girl…and so many more.

  51. Taurin says:

    Darths & Droids by The Comic Irregulars
    [ ]

    Maximumble by Chris Hallbeck
    [ ]

    The Rack by Kevin Church & Ben Birdie
    [ ]

    Ctrl+Alt+Del by Tim Buckley
    [ ]

    Dumbing of Age by David Willis
    [ ]

    Shortpacked also by David Willis
    [ ]

    Lovecraft is Missing by Larry Latham (on hiatus)
    [ ]

    Riven Sol by Elaine Corvidae
    [ ]

    Treading Ground by Nick Wright
    [ ]

    OrneryBoy by Michael Lalonde (on hiatus)
    [ ]

    Multiplex by Gordon McAlpin
    [ ]

    Legend of Bill by David Reddick
    [ ]

    …and last, but definitely not least

    Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto
    [ ]

    Aren’t you sorry you asked? There’s others I’m considering adding to my list, but I thought I’d just hit you with my actives.

  52. I’m the co-creator of Dressed For Success, a former black and white small press comic from the 90’s that took a break and is now back with new stories online. Two friends by chance try and make their way in the universe. Currently they have jobs as couriers and get involved in an Indiana Jones type adventure while making a delivery.

  53. Oops! Too many links seems to have gotten my post flagged. Here’s the unlinked version:

    Great idea for a post, Heidi!

    Some of my recent favorites include $5 Vampires, Destructor, and Red’s Planet.

    And, of course, I would be remiss if I neglected to mention SMASH (, the all-ages comic I co-created with my brother.

  54. Wendi says:

    PI Jane
    God Hates Astronauts

  55. My comic is called ‘Future Kings’ – it’s the story off a world whose only superhero has just died. In the aftermath his followers attempt to continue his work by using science to duplicate his powers.

  56. Shameless plug for my webcomic Carl and Zip’s Adventures Through Time!

    Carl and Zip’s Adventures Through Time!

  57. Oh and the one I read regularly is battlepug.

  58. I do the adventure strip The Wandering Ones ( ) and read MA3 ( NOTE: NSFW) and Eerie Cuties ( ) by Gisele Legace

  59. I create a comic called The Guns of Shadow Valley:

    I’ve contributed a story to Mystery! Solved:

    I like pizza.

  60. I’m launching a new horror comedy webcomic July 8th.
    ‘Detective Warlock, Warlock Detective’!

    Come to our NYC launch event for free beer and a cursed artifact raffle!

  61. I regularly read

    Cool Jerk
    The Line
    The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
    Monster Commute

  62. I see The Secret Knots has not been mentioned yet, which is a horrible, horrible crime.

    I’m going to use my whole post here just to recommend The Secret Knots. It’s consistently beautiful, philosophically interesting, and will mess with your brain the more you read it…

    Oh, and… I do a webcomic as well and will be updating again soon. It’s a photocomic called Hypothesis — click my username to check it out. 8)

  63. no-no says:

    Cucumber Quest
    Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
    MS Paint Adventures

  64. Destructor by Sean T. Collins & Matt Wiegle

    The Agreeable Comics empire by Kevin Church, et al.

    KrakaDOOM Comics by Clayton Johnston

    And, of course, the tightest, the brightest, the greatest of all time:
    Registered Weapon
    by yours truly, Chris Thorn and (on the current story) Clayton Johnston again

  65. I do a strip three times a week about an old school Harley biker named Jones. Not such a winner, this one, but how fun is a guy who does everything right? You can dig Keeping Up With Jones, my biker strip, at

  66. I write these:
    Love is in the Blood – dark fantasy action romance at
    Perfect Agent – Fashionable female assassin at

    I read these:
    Red String –
    Paradigm Shift –
    Errant Story –
    Otherworld –
    dream*scar –
    Red Moon Rising –
    Khaos Komix –

  67. Over at PLAYBACK:stl, we host two current webcomics…

    Pangaea by Kevin Wolf, an absurdist “funny animal” humor strip that won the 2008 “Best Comic Book” award from St. Louis’ Riverfront Times:

    Father Blank’s Roadside Confessional by the anonymous Father Blank (which is not me), which takes real anonymous confessions submitted by readers and turns them into a 12-panel comic strip:

    And since no one has mentioned it, I’d like to give some more local love to Tracy J. Butler’s Lackadaisy, one of the most gorgeously illustrated comics I’ve ever seen:

  68. Airship Daedalus

    Space Pilot Comics
    American Barbarian
    Gingerbread Girl
    Doc Monster
    Phantom Zero

  69. Jonathon says:

    Holiday Wars:

    The Easter Bunny kills Santa and declares war on all the other holidays.

    At first I thought it was going to be a bad satire/parody but they play it straight and it’s turned into a fun fantasy story.

  70. Airship Daedalus
    Space Pilot
    American Barbarian
    Gingerbread Girl
    Phantom Zero
    Doc Monster

  71. @the8spot Webcomic strip about Wilson Ramos jr and Eric Rivera creating Comic books! Look in to the world of a comic book studio and the ups and downs of creating comic books. and you can also visit us on

  72. Christina says:

    I’m very happy to see this article! Finally.

    The Abominable Charles Christopher

  73. Jumbotron says:

    Something Positive
    Bear Nuts
    Curvy (NSFW)
    Oglaf (NSFW)

  74. The Adventures of the 19XX

    A dieselpunk airship adventure taking place in the 1930s.

  75. Keith B says:

    Blimey! I forgot Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddel, which is collected by Archaia. That is probably my second favorite webcomic too…

  76. Bucko. And some western thing when I remember it’s updated.

  77. Mikael says:
  78. Sounds like a majority of your readers all create webcomics!

    I’m kidding. Thank you for the post, I’ve found a few new ones to read from these comments!

  79. There are a gaggle of webcomics that I read. One of them that I really enjoy is

    I even got to do a guest shot on there. Well worth the time to check it out.

  80. Viktor says:

    Lets see if this site has a character limit. :D

    Skin Horse – A crossdressing psychiatrist, a canadian genetically-engineered superdog, and a zombie with violence issues. They fight crime. help people.
    Dr. McNinja www. He’s a Doctor. Who’s also a ninja. He punches dinosaurs. What more do you want?
    Family Man Romance in Victorian England. Wonderful art, great writing.
    Chimneyspeak www. Smut in turn of the century England. Hilarious.

  81. Nicholas says:

    Dominic Deegan
    Skin Deep
    The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ And Amal
    Johnny Wander
    Girl Genius
    Flaky Pastry
    Templar, AZ
    Dead Winter
    Gunnerkrigg Court
    Other People’s Business
    Darwin Carmichael is Going To Hell
    Red Moon Rising
    The Devil’s Panties

    … And those are just those are the ones I check regularly.

  82. Mel Kiper says:

    I like Gin and Comics!!

  83. technecat says:

    Ah, most of my faves have been mentioned but I don’t see Ellie Connelly, La Machina Bellica, Tiny Kitten Teeth, Para-ten or Shadoweyes out there yet. I double the recommendation on Cucumber Quest, Bucko and anything by Kate Beaton.

  84. I make a webcomic called “Hemlock” which you can find over here:
    The printed version of the first issue was featured by Paul Gravett in his article “Great British Comics Now 2”. That’s my shameless plug for the day!

  85. I’ve been reading and love The Gutters (, which parodies current comibc book story arcs and general comic book news 3 times a week.

  86. Troy Wilson says:

    Self-promotion: PANELS FOR PRIMATES
    All-new primate comics by Stan Lee, Dean Haspiel,Fred Van Lente, Mike Carey, Rick Geary, Stuart Moore, David Petersen, Colleen Coover, Faith Erin Hicks,Carla Speed McNeil, Roger Stern, and many, many more.

    Also: Cleopatra in Spaaaaace, Hark! A Vagrant, and Up All Night.

  87. Another fav webcomic is..

  88. I’m the Editor-in-Chief at We’ve got a few outstanding talents producing great comics under our label right now including:

    Johanne Light’s XD: Exit Demigods:

    L.E. Mullin’s The Everlasting Return of mR. mILDEW:

    And Gavin de Lint’s 31 Ghosts:

    Check em out!

  89. I’m the creator of MeatShield, a D&D inspired fantasy webcomic featuring Dhur, barbarian warrior and the fiercest knitter in the five kingdoms; Jaine, half-elf bard and the brains of the outfit, Ch’p, halfling monk and pastry chef extraordinaire and Becky Sourbottom, dwarven war maiden and caber-tossing champion!

    I read the following:
    Order of the Stick
    The Legend of Bill
    The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
    Girls with Slingshots
    Evil Inc.
    Girl Genius
    Edmund Finney’s Quest to find the Meaning
    of Life
    Questionable Content

  90. I do one called the Moon Prince:

  91. And yes, I draw a comic. Just good ole down home humor…

  92. Abhay says:

    I try to keep up on (but am bad about) Toby’s comic Kursk, Kate Beaton; Octopus Pie and Bad Machinery, but I’m not regular with those; and anything Harvey James does. I’ve gotten very badly behind on a lot of the good ones though (Sin Titulo, if that’s still a thing), and I’ve been meaning to make time for Bucko for a long time as that’s well-reviewed and I like work from both creators…

    Oh, and once in a while Cucumber Quest– that’s a kid thing, I think, but I like to look at the art ( on that one– that one comes on my tumblr ( And I really like SuperMutant Magic Academy ( which is another one that comes on my tumblr when it updates– it’s a one-page gag thing. I’d look at more if they came on my tumblr feed, but either they don’t or I’m too dumb to figure out how to work that…

  93. I am a huge fan of Culture Shock ( a relatively recent one called Uncreation (

  94. I write and draw “Rikonius’ Untitled Webcomic Relaunch” (

    I read a lot of webcomics:
    Choked Comics (
    Comics Critics (
    Devil’s Panties (
    Dinosaur Comics (
    Hell Inc. (
    Hijinks Ensue (
    Least I Could Do (
    Penny Arcade (
    PVP Online (
    Questionable Content (
    Rob & Elliot (
    Shortpacked (
    Something Positive (
    Theater Hopper (
    White Ninja (
    XKCD (

  95. Abhay says:

    Oh, and Pictures for Sad Children.

  96. I’m one of the three creators of so I thought it would be nice to share the link, if anyone might be interested….

  97. I got hooked on this:

    which I discovered through Facebook. The title made me curious, but the art and story lines keep me waiting for each update!

  98. Fantastic thread — I’ve temporarily eased restrictions on the number of links in a comment so hopefully no more will be caught in the filter.

  99. I am also the co-author of a LoZ parody comic… if anyone is interested, check it out at

    One should remember to leave anything resembling logic behind while reading this. My co-author and I don’t take it too seriously so neither should our readers!!

  100. deanna davis says:

    Above all, Hijinks Ensue by Joel Watson is my favorite web comic. But from time to time, I also read Multiplex and Girls with Slingshots

  101. I’d heartily recommend Zahra’s Paradise: “Set in the aftermath of Iran’s fraudulent elections of 2009, Zahra’s Paradise is the fictional story of the search for Mehdi, a young protestor who has disappeared in the Islamic Republic’s gulags.”

    The writing is informed, emotional, and authentic, and the artwork is simply beautiful.

    Print editions in multiple languages will be coming out in September, with First Second doing the English edition.

  102. I’m the creator of the webcomic Doce when nobody’s looking and I’m reading the following:
    The Secret Knots;
    XKCD, of course ;) ;
    Dinasour Comics and
    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

    There are more, but since I’m not as much of a regular on those, I won’t state them ;)

  103. @technecat: thank you so much for reading Shadoweyes!!! much appreciated. :)

    i like serialized kind of webcomics rather than gag strips, which are fine but not usually my cup of tea, so here’s a few that i read that i don’t believe have been mentioned:
    Sister Claire by Elena Barbarich:
    Meaty Yogurt by Megan Rose Gedris:
    Sacred Heart by Liz Suburbia:
    The Meek by Der-shing Helmer:
    Sanctuary School by Brian Wimberly:

  104. David says:

    Scandinavia and the World –

  105. I write and illustrate a comic called Lilith Dark. It’s about a little girl who fights wicked beasties. Love for you to check it out-

    Thanks for this great thread!

  106. Dr. McNinja
    Hark! A Vagrant
    Bad Machinery
    Lead Paint Comics

  107. I started a black and white humor webcomic about a year ago which updates weekly called J.Babb Comics.

    As for other webcomics, I’d definitely recommend Sam and Fuzzy, as well as Jamie Smart’s Corporate Skull. Enjoy!

  108. I’m Jackson Ferrell; I create Sketch Comedy.

    One of my favorite strips is Kris Straub’s F Chords, about a pair of struggling musicians and the compromises they have to make just to keep their dream alive. It’s unbelievably funny and relatable.

    Also, as far as art quality, humor, and general storytelling are concerned, David Willis is absolutely knocking it out of the park with Dumbing of Age. IMHO his best work to date.

    This thread is an awesome idea–thanks for opening it up!

  109. I’ve read a few up to whatever point they were at at the time but I only keep up with a few on their updates. Manly Guys doing Manly Things ( ), Between Failures ( ) and Skin Deep ( )

    Few people self-promoting without even saying what they read? Gross.

  110. Hoo, boy. Here we go.
    The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal (EK Weaver)
    Johnny Wander (Yuko Ota & Ananth Panagariya)
    Vattu (Evan Dahm)
    The Meek (Der-Shing Helmer)
    Templar, Arizona (Spike)
    Gunnerkrigg Court (Tom Siddell)
    Shadoweyes (Ross Campbell)

    Also, Achewood (Chris Onstad), which is currently on hiatus but I paw through those archives every month.

  111. Schlock Mercenary, Shortpacked, Errant Story, Does not play well with others, Looking For Group, Dumbing of Age, MegaTokyo, ErfWorld, Girl Genius, El Goonish Shive, Waspi Square and Olympic Dames (which I write).

  112. Of What Kind? by Adam Szym
    Vattu by Evan Dahm
    Ectopiary by Hans Rickheit
    What Things Do by all the cool kids
    FreakAngels by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield
    Sam and Fuzzy by Sam Logan
    Dresden Codak by Aaron Diaz

    And then there’s my webcomic over at Flim Flam Radio but it’s nowhere near a regular update schedule yet. Sigh.

  113. I’m really into FORMING by Jesse Moynihan:

    And I draw American Elf (but you know that):

  114. Jackie Estrada says:

    No one has yet mentioned Supernatural Law: by Batton Lash.

    Beware the creatures of the night–They have lawyers!

  115. I write and host a comic called Blaster Nation. We’d love to have more readers and critique, because we’re still kind of in a learning process with the whole thing.

  116. Questionable Content
    Girls with Slingshots
    Yellow Peril
    Menage a 3
    Eerie Cuties
    Magick Chicks
    Incubus Tales
    Rob and Eliot
    Sluggy Freelance
    Blank It
    Dumbing of Age
    All New Issues
    Odori Park
    Penny and Aggie
    Diesel Sweeties
    PHD Comics
    Candi comics
    Johnny Wander
    Pictures for Sad Children
    Looking for Group

  117. MattPokorny says:

    JohnnyWander Drmcninja and The Zombie Hunter

  118. Comic creator here!
    Gonna plug away at my own lighthearted adventure comic, Sidequest Story!

    And while I’m at it, a shoutout to Rip Chord and Blaster Nation, two other neat comics!

  119. Currently working on a weekly webcomic called Catbeard the Pirate about a… well, pirate, who’s cursed to have a living cat for a beard. Not too many comics up, but I’m having fun with it.

  120. Nifty thread. Figured I’d add my comic, Zombie Roomie at it’s a MWF strip that’s been going since the end of October of 2009.

  121. I never miss:
    MENAGE A 3
    Penny and Aggie
    Oglaf! — Comics. Often dirty.
    Girls With Slingshots
    Flaky Pastry
    & The Gutters

  122. Oh lord, I read too many to list all but here are some:

    Gunnerkrigg Court
    Johhny Wander
    Transpose Operator
    Khaos Komix
    Today Nothing Happened
    The Meek
    The Pale
    My Finn
    The Knit Princess
    Questionable Content
    Evil Diva
    Girls with Slingshots
    Red String
    Dovecot Crest
    and Winters in Lavelle

  123. Homestuck and Johnny Wander.

  124. A few of my favorites are:

    nemu*nemu –
    That Deaf Guy –
    Winters in Lavelle –
    Galaxion –
    Johnny Wander –

  125. pjunk says:

    MS Paint Adventures (Andrew Hussie)
    Johnny Wander (Ananth Panagariya and Yuko Ota)
    Questionable Content (Jeph Jacques)
    The Meek (Der-shing Helmer)
    Bug (Adam Huber)
    Dinosaur Comics (Ryan North)
    Nedroid (Anthony Clark)
    Cucumber Quest (Gigi Digi)
    Brawl in the Family (Matthew Taranto)
    Eerie Cuties (Gisele Lagace)
    Menage a 3 (Gisele Lagace)
    Magick Chicks (Gisele Lagace)
    Manly Guys Doing Manly Things (Kelly Turnbull)
    Ratfist (Doug TenNapel)
    Three Word Phrase (Ryan Pequin)

    I have an extensive list of over 50 webcomics bookmarked that I attempt to follow on and off. But at the end of the day, these are all the ones I never forget and consider to be worth mentioning. Not in any real order, but the top 3 listed ARE my personal top 3.

  126. I read Dead Winter (, which is complex, exciting, and beautifully drawn. I also love Freakangels (, which is now coming to a close.

  127. priellan says:

    Let’s see, I read…

    Red String
    The Dreamland Chronicles
    Johnny Wander
    The Meek
    Gunnerkrigg Court
    Basic Instructions
    Three Panel Soul
    Drawn Butter (recipe comics!)
    Kiwi Blitz
    Cucumber Quest
    Modus Operandi
    Romantically Apocalyptic
    The System

  128. priellan says:

    I’ve also read Rice Boy, which is currently finished. And I also read Shrub Monkeys. And I could continue for a while, probably.

  129. 0alexander says:

    Homestuck would have to be my number 1 – hussie plays with the medium incessantly and brilliantly, in addition to having fun characters and dialogues.
    Penny Arcade comes in a close second – even though I am not a gamer by any stretch, those two are just so good at writing and humour that I love the comic.
    Dr McNinja, another favorite and always very funny along with
    xkcd, etc. Mainstream stuff.
    Dropping off the radar more, there’s also:
    OOTS, Darths and Droids, and Goblins, all functionally DnD comics and all very well done
    Awkward Zombie, another gaming comic that I can enjoy because it’s well written and funny faces are drawn with regularity,
    Spacetrawler is a scifi comic which is very very good,
    vattu, by Evan Dahm is another comic from him taking place on his constructed world of Overside, and is fun and decompressed
    amazing super powers has offbeat, unique humour that never fails to elicit a chuckle
    gunnerkrigg court is fascinating and intricate, with an expansive myth arc and pervasive mystery. Also fun and funny!
    Three Panel Soul, by the people who also created Machall (which was one of my favorites, though I discovered it post-humously), makes interesting a funny haiku out of their comics which are dedicated to one single rule: Only 3 panels.

  130. KatiaRai says:

    I fully support covering more webcomics!

    Questionable Content
    Least I Could Do
    Girls With Sling Shots
    Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire
    Red String
    Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
    Penny & Aggie
    Gunnerkrigg Court
    Sorcery 101
    Looking For Group
    Three Panel Soul
    Dovecote Crest
    Finder’s Keepers
    The Zombie Hunters
    Freak Angels
    Flaky Pastry
    Fey Winds
    Khaos Komic
    Valentine’s Dei

  131. Peter Persy says:

    The EVERYWHERE Anthology published on ACT-I-VATE written by Chris Miskiewicz and drawn by various artists is a great read. It’s hysterical and scary.

  132. I read way too many to list in a comment, but my two favorites are MegaTokyo and JohnnyWander (http:// and The former is has an amazing deep story and great art working together to keep me hooked despite relatively slow update schedule. The later tends to stick towards the humorous end of the scale, but they’ve experimented with a few brief story arcs to tremendous effect.

    I would also suggest AppleGeeks (, but it hasn’t updated in quite sometime, and I understand it was on its way to conclusion anyway. It starts off quirky and fun, but it gets pretty intense story-wise for a while, and there’s one portion of that, “AppleGeeks: Exodus” is one of the most powerful pieces of narrative I’ve ever seen online.

  133. likefunbutnot says:

    Chris Onstead’s Achewood speaks (spoke?) to me like nothing else. I hope he comes back soon.

  134. My own webcomic:

    Awesome comics that I read:

    Kiwi Blitz
    Cucumber Quest
    Jupiter Palladium
    Johnny Wander

  135. I read
    Girls With Slingshots
    Yellow Peril
    Magpie Luck

  136. I create West of Bathurst ( It is technically a slice-of-life comic, but it gets weirder as it progresses.

    Most of the comics I read have been covered above. However, I’ll also mention Lit Brick, which I recently discovered ( The creator has taken on the task of covering the entire Norton Anthology of English Literature in a series of four-panel comics. He’s up to the middle of the seventeenth century. I wish him well.

  137. Leanna says:

    I am Following Nemu*Nemu.

  138. Don’t Ask Comic
    (Full disclosure: I’ve contributed some to his Baujahr strip, but I was a fan way before that)

    Gin and Comics

    And just recently found D20 Monkey

    Plus more, random stuff here and there, but these are the most regular.

  139. My comic, nemu*nemu!

    I also read:
    Karl’s Abominable Charles Christopher
    Yuko & Ananth’s Johnny Wander
    Meredith’s Octopus Pie
    Evan’s Order of Tales
    Meghan’s Kawaii Not
    Mike’s One Swoop Fell (although on indefinite hiatus)
    Tracy’s Lackadaisy
    Jef’s JefBot
    Kate’s Hark, a Vagrant
    Anthony’s Nedroid

  140. Caroline Albanese says:

    Boxer hockey!
    Super colorful, creative and interesting! The creator, Tyson Hess, is also really nice and hilarious on his twitter!!/boxerhockey

  141. Questionable Content
    The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal
    Other People’s Business
    Khaos Komix
    Red String
    SPQR Blues, which seems to be on a very long break sadly
    Lackadaisy (INSANELY good)
    A Distant Soil (not really a webcomic but hey)
    …and last but certainly not least…
    Modest Medusa

    Also my daughter’s comic, which, being a proud mom, I will mention: Love in Idleness

  142. I write and draw a mess of comics at and and I have several webcomics I adore:

    Chimney Speak (Adult)
    Introspective Comics
    Lupi Loopy Loops
    Menage a 3 (NSFW/Web-MA)
    Oglaf (Adult)
    The Sorrowful Putto of Prague
    The Tatertotdiaperman Experiment
    Think Before You Think

    There are more, but these are my favorites.

  143. Final Track (Plugging my recently finished oneshot!)

    Rice Boy (Evan Dahm)
    The Meek (Der-Shing Helmer)
    Unsounded (Ashley Cope)
    Blip (Sage-dono)
    Bad Machinery (John Allison)
    Amya (Houston, Hewitt, Gunter)
    Gunnerkrigg Court (Tom Siddell)
    Winters in Lavelle (Kasey Van Hise)
    Johnny Wander (Panagariya, Ota)
    We’re All In This Together (Ben Juwono)
    Sfeer Theory (Jayd Ait-Kaci)
    Shrub Monkeys (Katie Shanahan)
    Lackadaisy Cats (Tracy Butler)
    The Abominable Charles Christopher (Karl Kerschl)
    Batman and Sons (the_dark_cat)
    Emily Carroll’s short comics

  144. Sir Geek says:

    The comic’s I’m reading are:
    Two Lumps
    Least I Could Do
    Looking for Group
    Kevin and Kell
    Questionable Content
    Accursed Dragon
    Alien Dice
    Sequential Art
    and Girl’s With Slingshots

  145. Chryss Hart says:

    I’m the artist for Comic Action Role-Play a weekly comic about a group of adventurers in a fantasy setting.

    As far as what I read, the list is quite long.

    Ctrl+Alt+ Delete
    Abominable Charles Christopher
    Girls with Slingshots
    Questionable Content
    Holiday Wars
    Cleopatra in Spaaace
    Doghouse Diaries
    MS Paint Adventures
    The Oatmeal
    The Deadlys
    And a ton more, though I can’t bring them to mind just now.
    Always on the lookout for good comics to add to my list, too.

  146. I’m an editor-type and currently Radio Comix is hosting a lot of comics online for our various artists.

    Bureau of Mana Investigation
    Duncan & Mallory
    Ebin & May
    Havoc INC
    Tiger Team 3
    Trouble Express

  147. Gin and Comics:


    Horde of Neurons:

  148. Heidi,
    Great idea! But over 140 comments in under eight hours shows just how many regular readers of The Beat are webcomics readers and/or creators.

    I love the latest stuff you’ve been doing about webcomics in contrast to the DC-NU, but I think this might be a suggestion to add a regular webcomics review to the other features at the site. As more and more cartoonists turn to the web for the freedom of expression they can’t always find in print publishing it seems there’s a pulse here that The Beat shouldn’t only monitor, but shout out about. A very healthy pulse people should know more about.

  149. A couple of my favorites that T haven’t seen here yet are:

    As for me, I make Root Rot.

  150. I will hold myself down to my top 5 favorites:

    SINFEST (hard to describe but easy to love; a very lovely & whimsical look at spiritual values…with bikini devil girls thrown in…)

    SAVE APATHEA (serialized gn about a small town

  151. Woof! Something cut me off!





  152. Kate Willaert says:

    One of the early stories has the most creative representation of time travel in a webcomic I’ve seen on the web.

    Geekery and silliness.

  153. I’m just coming up on the halfway point (July 10th) of a year of week-daily journal comics at my site:
    “Apostrophe Press”

    I read PVP, F-Chord by Kris Straub (who also does Chainsaw Suit), XKCD, Billy the Dunce, and Sinfest.

  154. Kate Willaert says:

    Press post too soon and forgot one:


  155. AttaGirl says:

    Rice Boy.

    Very unusual and interesting read. Really beautiful cartoony style.

    Sailor Twain

    Moody and fairy-tale like. Handsome book.

    A Distant Soil

    Space opera. Emphasis on opera. Guilty pleasure for smart people. Great-looking art.

    SPQR Blues

    Very nicely written with an art style like Carla Speed McNeil. Good scholarship on Ancient Rome.

  156. Bill Gatevackes says:
  157. I’m the creator of Fluffy and Mervin, and here’s a link:

  158. I write a couple of webcomics.

    Biscuit & Lefty is about a pair of cats.

    SideChicks is about super-powerful female bodyguards.

    And I read the awesome Abominable Charles Christopher.

  159. Darin Trinidad says:

    I’m the creator of Justice which can be read at . If you are new to reading it, I recommend starting at the latest storyline Max Vs. Evan, where the the main hero’s origin is explained.

    Other comics I read are…

    So… You’re a Cartoonist?

  160. Some that have been posted before so I won’t list the sites:
    Gunnerkrigg Court, Sinfest, Bad Machinery, Dresden Codak, Hark a Vagrant, Red’s Planet, Museum of Mistakes, Johnny Wonder, Vattu (also Riceboy and Order of Tales), Wapsi Square, Octopus Pie, Lackadaisy Cats, Cleopatra in Space, the Meek

    A few that I haven’t seen mentioned:
    Kinkofry –
    Dharbin –
    Much the Miller’s Son –
    Dawn of Time –
    Imaginary Monsters –
    Adventures of Superhero Girl –
    Skadi –
    Savage Chickens –

    My own stuff can be found here:

  161. The Deadlys at

  162. I started THE AMAIZING JIM CORN the end of last year. Come stop by sometime!

  163. Kerry says:

    I always enjoy Richard Marcej’s daily strip–

    –slice of life goodness!

  164. Here is a variety of great comics that we publish on the web from an all star list of creators that includes Frank Thorne, Bernie Mirault, Mike Baron, Don Lomax, Steve Lafler, Mitch O’Connell and many others.

  165. I like:

    three word phrase

    Cat And Girl

    A Softer World

    Hark a Vagrant

    Julia Wertz’s Museum of Mistakes (formerly Fart Party)

    Bad Machinery (formerly Scary Go Round)

    Qwantz aka Dinosaur Comics

    Dr McNinja
    Awesome Hospital
    The Rack

    Diesel Sweeties
    Pictures for Sad Children
    White Ninja
    Toothpaste For Dinner

    White Ninja
    Dork Tower
    Natalie Dee

    North World
    Rice Boy

    I think those are the only ones I can think of right now…

  166. you asked for it

    Sam and Fuzzy
    Girl Genius
    Gunnerkrigg Court
    Cyanide & happiness
    Questionable Content
    Girls with slingshots
    Real Life
    Order of the Stick
    Eerie Cuties
    Johnny wander
    Dresden Codak
    Surviving the World
    Blank It
    Geeks Next Door
    Dominic Deegan
    Complex Actions
    Scandinavia and the World
    Wasted talent
    Least I could Do
    Sequential Art
    El Goonish Shrive
    Looking for Group
    The Gutters
    Cucumber Quest
    Underling Comic
    Finder’s Keepers
    Love me nice
    Omake Theater
    GG guys
    Awkward Adventures of Sean and Mimi
    Nerf Now
    Leetstreet Boys
    Extra Ordinary
    Three Panel Soul
    True Magic
    Awkward Zombie
    Flaky Pastry
    Boxer Hockey
    Kawaii Not

    there you go.

  167. Hello! I write KEEPER, a sports-crime thriller which has gotten some attention from people like Ian Rankin, Phil Hester and Jacen Burrows! Drawn by Jeff Simpson, lettered by Jim Campbell!

    I am also but one of many creators at HADRON COLLIDERSCOPE, a sci-fi anthology comic which is on a bit of a break at the moment but we’ll be back stronger than ever!

    Everyone should also read:
    – World of Hurt
    – Awesome Hospital
    – God Hates Astronauts

  168. Sylvan Migdal’s CURVY
    James Kochalka’s AMERICAN ELF

  169. Black Adventures (a Pokemon fancomic)
    Hark! A Vagrant
    Homestuck (or really all of MS Paint Adventures but Homestuck is the only one currently running)
    The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal
    The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston
    Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet

    honorable mention to Mahou Shounen Fight! only because I’m not reading it right now but I keep thinking about it and that probably means I’ll pick it back up again soon.

  170. I’m partial to Deadhorse, only cuz I’m the artist.

  171. I would be honored if you clicked my name to check out Deadhorse. That’s my comic. Thanks

  172. Tonya Cross says:

    Sheldon & Wondermark

  173. I read Jack Cayless’ ‘Chimneyspeak,’ Vas Littlecrow’s ‘Rasputin Barxotka’ and ‘Dissident Priest’ and Bodil Bodilson’s ‘Oglaf.’ Uh. Jeph Jacques ‘Questionable Content,’ Warren Ellis’ ‘FreakAngels.’ ‘Order of the Stick’ by Richard Burlew. Um. Just started reading ‘Walking on Broken Glass.’

    So yeah, a lot of webcomics.

  174. AFFECTED is a long book-in-progress about the disintegration of urban America, the Iraq War, and how dangerous sex is in Los Angeles

    “Flash Roughs/In A Hole: Jul-Aug 2010” is a deconstructed superhero comic that chrinicles an adventure of the Flash while explaining why it never came to fruition as a finished piece of work

  175. This was a popular topic.

  176. Sinfest is probably one of my favorite comics, but also on my list is Dr. McNinja, Sam & Fuzzy, Three Panel Soul, Least I Could Do, Johnny Wander, and Boxer Hockey among others.

    And actually I just stared drawing my own comic again, Aloof.

    It looks ragtag up to this point, but that’s because I did maybe 30 comics in 6 years. Now I’m looking to get a new page every Tuesday, and a single panel comic every Thursday (Not-Aloof, also on the site).

  177. jorge f. muñoz says:

    We just started in May, Robot + Monster at

    Also been reading http://coolchickens

  178. Darin Trinidad says:

    Another webcomic I like to read is nemu nemu

  179. Yay, I’m at the bottom of the list!

    I write and draw a weekly serialized long-form graphic novel called Rose Madder. It’s a sorta-kinda deconstructionist romance comic, for those who like those kinds of things:

    Or click on my name if I screwed up on the links in messages thing.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who made it down the thread this far and checks out my webcomic.

  180. w.guerrero says:

    Questionable Content:

    Max Overacts:

    Wapsi Square:

    The Meek:


    The Abominable Charles Christopher:


    Ménage à 3:

    Penny & Aggie:

    Least I Could Do:

    Bad Machinery:

    Dresden Codak:

    Sam & Fuzzy:

    Dinosaur Comics:

    Oglaf (nsfw):

  181. Enjoying many of the usual suspects listed above. ’30-second reviews’:
    (Click directly on the panel to go to the comic.)

    Recently been digging

  182. w.guerrero says:

    Just a few more.

    Geek & Poke:

    Eerie Cuties:

    The Adventures of Superhero Girl:

    Delilah Dirk:

    Omake Theater:

    The Oatmeal:

  183. Girls With Slingshots
    Ménage à 3
    Cucumber Quest
    Doctor Cat
    Johnny Wander
    Our Valued Customers
    Derek Kirk Kim’s Tune
    Three Word Phrase
    SuperMutant Magic Academy
    Sin Titulo

    …I think that’s it!

  184. Homestuck (
    The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal (
    Lackadaisy (
    Minor Acts of Heroism (
    Starfighter (
    Shrub Monkeys (
    Hark! A Vagrant (
    Johnny Wander (
    and Hanna is not a Boy’s Name -wich is currently on hiatus- (

    I read a LOT more, but these are the ones that came from the top of my hat.

  185. Webcomics I read on a daily or weekly basis:

    Bad Machinery (formerly Scarygoround)
    Questionable Content
    Red String
    Errant Story

    There are several others, but those are the ones I enjoy the best.

  186. Lizzi says:

    Questionable content
    Wasted Talent
    Red String

  187. I read a web comic called Little Bit Creepie

  188. Birdee says:

    I too am a big fan of the new webcomic Little Bit Creepie. Check it out at:

  189. I too have beebn reading

    Discovered it late last year, and it’s very good stuff.

  190. Plugging my own comics:

    Not a web strip as such, but a series of standalone (mainly) minicomics. Many available to print, or read online.

  191. I LOVE Little Bit Creepie @ by Kristie Silva

  192. Wow, look at everybody go, this is amazing…

  193. Forming by Jesse Moynihan

    Bodyworld by Dash Shaw (complete and published)

  194. My favorite comic, online or otherwise, is Phil & Kaja Foglio’s GIRL GENIUS at
    I also like Jennie Breeden’s strip THE DEVIL’S PANTIES at

  195. I have a small comic known as Maq #041 ( It updates every Tuesday and Thursday, and has been running since September of 2004.

    As far as what I read:
    Dawn of Time
    Eerie Cuties
    Errant Story
    Fried Chicken and Sushi
    Gunnerkrigg Court
    Looking for Group
    Megangea 3
    Questionable Content
    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
    The Less then Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

    And that’s only a few of them. There’s so many good ones out there!

  196. I too would like to see more webcomic related posts on The Beat.

    My webcomic:

  197. Stephen Thor says:

    Shameless plug alert:

    Now I’m going to waste an entire day checking out all these other titles.

  198. GreenLantern9999 says:

    I love me some Weapon Brown at the comic takes place in the world of the funny papers after the Apocalypse! It starts the once Block head who could never quite kick that football, Chuck, who rides around this miserable desolate place on his motor cycle with his trusty dos sidekick Snoop. It is not for the faint of heart, it is pretty hard core and is not shy about sex, violence, nudity, and killing off some beloved comic strip characters in… unique ways. but if you can look past all that it is a really amazing love letter to old comic strips and a commentary on where they have gone. Did I mention Chuck’s Bionic Arm? Awesome.

  199. Courageous Man Adventures (

    Christmas Eve, The First Lady Of Yuletide Cheer (

    Holy Cow Comics (

    all by me, myself and I… give ’em a try, won’t you..?

  200. David T.G. Riches says:

    Not to be confusing but how many people visit on a regular basis and how many people save up and visit a month or mores worth of strips at a time?

    Currently I visit about five strips on a regular basis and the others are all when I get around to it I will dip through the archives.

    My list is in no particular order:

    Cyanide & Happiness

    Least I Could Do

    Looking For Group


    Alien Loves Predator

    Ménage à 3 (nsfw) by Gisele Lagace

    ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ by Dov Torbin

    Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto

    Questionable Content


    The Abominable Charles Christopher

    Ctrl+Alt+Del by Tim Buckley

    Dinosaur Comics

    Dressed For Success

    Red Vs Blue


    Dr. McNinja,

    The Devil’s Panties,

    SMBC Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics

    Supernatural Law by Batton Lash.

    FreakAngelsby Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield

    Penny Arcade,

    Oglaf the Shepherd boy (NSFW)

    For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston

    Hark! A Vagrant!

    Diesel Sweeties

    A Softer World,

    ButterNutSquash by Rob Pérez & Rob Coughler
    The Spiders by Patrick S. Farley

    Raising Hell by Andy Belanger

    West of Bathurst by Kari Maaren

    Dilbert by Scott Adams

    Bizarro by Dan Pirarro

    There are other comicstrips I will visit like at King Features dot com or gocomics dot com but it’s definitely a seasonal visit as I will usually see them in my local newspaper.

  201. I’m ashamed to admit that I only follow a couple webcomics myself:

    “Nathan Sorry” by Rich Barrett:

    And “Ed Contradictory” by Ed Conley

    I produce a webcomic myself, “SkyJack and the Forty Thieves”

    And I’ve drawn a lot of chapters of “Halloween Man”:

  202. I have two of notE:

    The War for Mars continues! RED ICE is on its end run with Horacio Lalia and Stu Chaifetz at

    And my and Horacio’s previous OGN, THEY DO NOT DIE!, is available at Graphicly for less than two-fifty:

    It’s all about puberty…Lovecraft-style!

    Read Them! Thanks!

  203. Christos says:
  204. yowzers, this is popular. i’m a huge advocate for comics made specifically for the screen, such as:


    and THE PALE (, which i write and illustrate. cheers for the opp, heidi!

  205. Chris Thorn says:

    This is a great idea. And here are some great webcomics.

    Registered Weapon
    A buddy cop comedy with a robot and a grizzled homicide detective.

    Drunk Elephant Comics
    The tale of an elephant, his friends and a bar.

    English Majeure
    Really good jokes about books.

    Awesome Hospital
    The best story with doctors ever.

  206. Kierean says:

    The only good fantasy by American cartoonists for female readers is online. The publishers ignore us.

    Wooden Rose

    A Distant Soil


    Fey Winds


  207. Kierean says:

    Oops, that should be A Distant Soil at

  208. Well, I author and draw two webcomics. Melvin’s Domination and The Fall: Divinity over at my site: So obviously I gotta pimp those out there. But also, I enjoy reading the following web based comics.

    Gin and Comics, by Ryan Fisher, over at It’s a buddy comic but with genuine humor in it.

    Life on 66 by Mike Phelps over at

    Kimecan by Ferran Daniel at

    Dynagirl by a duo of talented proportions over at

    (hilarious)1977 the comic at

    Zorphbert and Fred at
    by Dawn Griffin.

    Rick the stick by Ken Drab at

    There are just too many. I find them all, usually, from TGTwebcomics. ( A podcast by Kurt Sasso and he has great creators on all the time and i generally add them to my feed.

  209. Jami-Lee says:

    As far as an ongoing series I highly recommend

    Its a fantasy story thats well written and well paced, meant to be read whole comic books at a time.

  210. My favourites:

    The Zombie Hunters by Jenny (Romanchuk) Adams

    Dead Winter by S. Dave Shabet

    A Distant Soil by Colleen Doran

    Vampire Phantasm by Sarah Nelson

  211. Anna-Maria Cool says:

    Richard Marcej’s Daily Comic Journal is great:

  212. Minh Nguyen says:

    Mike Norton’s BATTLE PUG

  213. 220 comments. Holy crap sticks!

    Most all of my fave webcomics have closed up shop.

    Fart Party is gone but Julia Wertz still posts something almost every week. Not really webcomics but still ha ha funny.

    Hark a Vagrant is knee slappin’ funny. But everyone knows that. I kinda don’t think of it as a webcomic though.

    I still read American Elf every day. Still funny.

    And, while we are on the subject, I just say to all you webcomicsers- if I can’t read your webcomic in my blog reader, then I probably won’t. Make sure the little RSS icon button thing is easy for geriatric old dudes like me to see.

  214. I just discovered Laugh-Out-Loud Cats.

    But I went and bought the paper book because I don’t like reading comics on the computer…

  215. LukeCage says:

    The amazing neo-noir of OLD CITY BLUES!

    It’s getting a print edition soon, I think…

  216. Oh, I also love…
    Nathan Sorry
    Oyster War
    And Patrick Dean’s comics

    But none of those pop in my mind as webcomics. Still, great comics on the web so there you go.

  217. Yuko and I do Johnny Wander over at – we do mostly autobio (I think we gave you a copy of Vol. 1?), but occasionally short fiction as well:

    Girl with the Skeleton Hand:

    Delilah & The Basilisk:

    Two Little Maidens:

  218. Also, two more great webcomics:

    a comic strip about a mask-wearing fry cook.

    Think Weasel
    Weasels navigating domestic life.

  219. Awesome post! I’m the artist for Walking on Broken Glass, a supernatural office dramedy about murder. :P We’re sort of half-print and half-web, in that it’s designed page by page with both in mind and we are just starting issue 3 on Sunday. Anyway, come check us out!

  220. SalesGeek says:

    Two I enjoy that I didn’t see listed yet —

    Extra Life by Scott Johnson

    NPC by Mary Varn

  221. Lots of love for Gutters, Least I Could Do and Gutters! Ed, the colorist for those comics, is also the colorist on my webcomic, Terminals – – would love it if you checked it out :)

    I also enjoy:

    Wretched Little Creatures

    Teens In Love In Space

    The Loneliest Astronauts

  222. I’m the derp that put Gutters twice, when I meant Looking For Group…

  223. Check out Tangent Artists and their offerings!

    Skeleton Crew – horror, comedy, drama, action, it has it all!

    CRIT! – fantasy comedy (with many nods to gamers of various sorts)

    Donuts for Looking – humorous look at geek life; current story arc is a murder mystery at a convention!

    All titles update weekly.

    There are also 2 spin-off novels (and a third in the works) of CRIT!, which went on sale today here: Get 20% off with coupon SUNSHINE305, or get it for Kindle on Amazon.

  224. mauvecanary says:

    wow. It’s nice to see this many comments that are positive and not the result of people argueing or being angry or critical about something. yay!

  225. I read webcomics daily but all the ones I follow have been mentioned here at least twice already, so I’ll just mention the two I’m involved with creating. Both are sci-fi continuing-adventure series, updated 5 days weekly:


  226. (sorry, hit tab when I meant to hit caps lock)



  227. Battle Pug
    Evil, Inc.
    Penny Arcade
    God Hates Astronauts
    Romantically Apocalyptic

  228. I write two webcomics. BORDER CROSSINGS is a dark marine fantasy where a salvage submarine’s strange crew must redefine freedom for their drowned world. You can read it here:

    THINK OF THE CHILDREN is 24-page, one-shot, satirical horror comic about the events leading to the original Comics Code Authority. You can read it here:

    I’m more of a “longform” narrative webcomic reader. I highly recommend the following:


    PLAN B




  229. I really like by L. Nichols. Recipe comics, gorgeously drawn!

    I wish I could recommend more comics but at over 200 comments, I think all my favorites and buddies are covered.

    OH! I used to do a comic at but I killed that site by accident so I guess I’m going to update the next season of Little Garden at Computers, how do they work??

  230. Oh i also forgot, THE-GUTTERS!

  231. my earlier message didnt make it so, here goes my list again.

    there are a ton more. I get all my comics via my reader and That is based off, in large part, to what I hear via the podcast.

  232. here are some excerpts from my comics bookmarks folder:

    Girl Genius Online Comics! Simply the best in Fantasy/SF/steampunk webcomics, updating twice weekly.

    The Dreamland Chronicles this is updating about 3x/week and there are over 1K pages so far of this long-form fantasy story. Top notch story and art!

    “Narbonic: Director’s Cut” By Shaenon K. Garrity This story of mad science and love is complete, and I thought it was a very fun read. The rerun is updating daily with author’s notes.

    American Elf James Kochalka, Vermont’s comics laureate. If you are not familiar with his whimsical take on the world, let me know! I have all his books. Is he the American Trondheim?

    Escape From Terra – by Sandy Sandfort, Scott Bieser, and Lee Oaks Great straight SF series, set in a quirky illogical wild-west anacho-libertarian utopia. Holy Heinlein!

    Rich’s ComixBlog You are a Dr. Who fan, right? Several complete Dr. Who GNs on this site.

    Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles Cynical, disgusting fun. Updates Fridays.

    Hicksville Comics Dylan Horracks occasionally has updates to the continuation of Pickle/Hicksville, about a world where comics are considered the great art form. Pages have been very slow to come in 2011 and the latest pages are, sadly (IMO) Adults Only.

    “Supernatural Law” by Batton Lash currently in reruns, but still a chuckle twice weekly. Also available in print.

    The Mad Tea Party at is a really good science fiction story. – Save the best for last. I know, right?

  233. I’m the creative director of a scifi space opera with the best art you’ve ever seen in a webcomic:

    We tell short stories, bouncing around within the same universe. If you’re a fan of scifi, you’ll probably gobble us up. We have over 200 pages posted, go read them now.

  234. I do a Communist Western called Goodbye Chains ( We’re also part of a great collective called Sugarskull:

    It currently features 9 comics, all of them excellent, and many of them all-ages-friendly!

  235. These are some of my favorites:

    Shortpacked —

    Battle Pug —

    HiJINKS Ensue —

    Wonderella —

  236. I’m the writer, colorist (and sometimes artist) for Cosmic Hellcat Adventures.

    It’s a manga, sci-fi parody about alien catgirl ninjas in space. The blog also features photos of professional models in cosplay as the characters from the strip.

    We’d love to know what other people think of it.

  237. Arslan says:

    Nice to see a positive and helpful thread. Look, no hate and shouting!

    Romantically Apocalyptic: No one ever mentions it, but it’s one of the coolest looking webcomics around.

    Much the Miller’s Son. Really Good art and very funny and cute.

    Winters in Lavelle: nice fantasy comic with pleasant art.

    A Distant Soil: Elegant art with a very involved story and deep characterization.

    The Paul Reveres: US revolution as battle of the bands. Cute.

    The Becoming. Gothic fantasy.

    Oglaf. This one is porn, but it is really funny.

  238. I only read a few myself.

    But here they are.


    The last of the polar bears

    The Dream Land Chronicles


    The Dream Keepers

    And last but not least my own webcomic
    The Oswald Chronicles

  239. I do a webcomic called Samantha Comics, which purports to be the strange drawings and ideas of a five-year-old girl.

    I don’t usually let a day go by without reading Tatsuya Ishida’s Sinfest ( or Ryan North’s Dinosaur Comics ( Kochalka’s American Elf is great too (

  240. Most recently, I’ve been reading Idoru Jones.( It’s by Adam McGovern and Paolo Leandri

  241. Richard says:

    I Fight Crime is good. 2 guys in a comic shop and there are monsters and a bear for some reason.

  242. Shamelessly plugging my strip but someone said it was okay. Jakes is a comic about firefighters, simple as that.

    Other strips I’m really into:

    Guy In A Bush


    Commissioned Comic

    Robot Beach

    Chippy and Loopus

  243. AngMoran says:

    The Abominable Charles Christopher
    Dominic Deegan Oracle for Hire
    Something Positive
    The Devil’s Panties
    The Pheonix Requiem
    Questionable Content
    The Dreamland Chronicles

  244. 254 comments. A record!

    Note: some of your posts are going into the spam filter but I’m cleaning it out every few hours.

    Some of these comics I’ve read and even covered here before, but I definitely have a lot of reading to do, and I think I’m going to enjoy it.

  245. Wow, is this a Beat record for comments? It looks like there is a need for more webcomic coverage!

    Kate Beaton is a no-brainer! Hark! A Vagrant is one of the best…

    I love Save Apathea by MK Reed and Johathon Hill
    Freewheel by Liz Baillie
    Vattu/Riceboy/Order of Tales by Evan Dahm

    and I’ll cast my shameless plug into the ocean of self-promotion;

    Symptom of the Universe at is where I write ’em and draws ’em.

  246. Oh, my question was answered before it was posed…

    but I forgot the gorgeous Dicebox by Jenn Manley Lee!

  247. I co-created Death Boy with Dan Butcher, so I’ll shamelessly plug that –

    Other stuff I read:

    The Path


    Jake The Evil Hare


    And far too many others to mention one by one, so I’ll throw a shout-out to the Independent Comics Alliance members on Twitter:

  248. Girls with Slingshots:
    Hark a Vagrant (of course!):
    Questionable Content:
    Cucumber Quest:

    and my webcomic, Terka can be found here:

  249. I have a new webcomic called ‘Hominids’. I just finished the first issue and the second issue will start up really soon. Right now there is a series of great pin-up art there.

    Other books I love are:

  250. I’m late :[

  251. The list is rather out of date, but here’s a list of a number of the comics I read.

    Needless to say, seeing that I review webcomics you can find my opinions on many of them (and some not listed) at – though the archives are incomplete at the moment, my apologies.

  252. My favorite webcomics:

    -xkcd (
    -Two Lumps (
    -Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (
    -Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break (no longer updating) (

  253. Is this where we shamelessly plug our webcomic? I got a memo…

    In His Likeness –

    Minimalistic talking dots. Tada.

    Oh, and you should read The System. ( and Hello With Cheese (

  254. This is a massive list! A lot of these I’ve never heard of before. What a great idea for a post!

    Right now I’m digging on:
    Hark! A Vagrant

    Disappointing Monsters

    Frankenstein Superstar

    The Loneliest Astronauts

    The Happy Undertaker

    OH! And if I make a shameless self promoting suggestion, check out my Lovecraftian sibling rivalry comic ELDRITCH!, which you can find at

    Then check out Serenity Rose. Same brilliant writer.

  255. VanGarrett says:

    My recent additions to my web comic routine which I am enthusiastic about are Maq #41 ( ) and Supernormal Step ( ).

  256. My Terka webcomic:

    Centaur a Day by Miriam Gibson –
    The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks:

  257. is my new weekly webcomic.

    When there’s danger, call the Super-Peers…They’re probably to blame. Meet the well-meaning heroes whose ambitions jeopardize all life on earth.

  258. Well… it seems shameless plugs are all the rage here… I’ll get to mine in a minute.
    First off, I regularly check out The Gutters and Neko The Kitty… mostly ’cause I recently drew guest strips for them both. I’ll check out pretty much any webcomic though… I’m new to the scene and like to check out what folks are up to.
    All right… shameless plug time: I draw Remedy and write/draw Wonder Weenies over at Remedy is about a Gulf War vet that now fights crime along with his super powered cat named Ash (and is written by Rob Tracy). Wonder Weenies is about a group of fast food workers that gained super powers after exposure to irradiated hot dogs. Remedy updates M-W-F and Wonder Weenies Tu-Th (that’s five comics a week! hoo-boy am I a busy guy) Hope ya check ’em out and keep reading those webcomics… I know I will.

  259. I’ve been reading and MASSIVELY enjoying my own webcomic,OF WHAT KIND? which can be read at

    Also: Sailor Twain, Vattu, Plotz the Wanderer, Rigby the Barbarian.

  260. I’m diggin’ two comiics by good friends. If you like slice of life, real life, you love Rich Marcej’s daily journal comic the Blabbing Baboon :
    And if you like D&D type stuff you need to be reading Lineage by Tim Durning and Michael Tagart:

  261. I read “No Pink Ponies” and Jolly Jack’s “Sequential Art”

  262. Geez, sorry for the triple posts! I truly didn’t mean to over-self-promote like that.

  263. I literally just now discovered this one (Sacred Heart), and am more thoroughly blown away by it than I have been by anything in a while:

  264. Garrett Anderson says:

    I co-create a webcomic called Newton’s Law that readers who are into longform stories might dig:

  265. Legostar Galactica one of my fav brick comics ever.

  266. Zombie Ranch Western mets the zombie apocalypse, in a good way.

    Blue Milk Special A great Star Wars parody

    Yak’s pub Same as above, but this time with figures and photos, at an end now but a ton of material up there.

    Rouges Gallary: The Villians Bar Where all your favorite villans go to relax and drink.

  267. Zombie Ranch Western and Zombie geres combine, in a good way.

    Rouges Gallery The Villians Bar Where the villians go to hang out.

  268. 2 more

    BLue Milk Special, A fun Star Wars parody

    Yak’s Pub See above, but with photos and figures, hilarous. Ended now but has an extensive archive.

  269. Yak’s pub, A great Star Wars Parody with photos and figures.

  270. J. Szarabajka says:

    As a follower and lover of a good many of the comics mentioned thus far, I have to say I’m shocked to see so few mentions of

    Red Light Properties

    which is so far past the rest of the pack there’s no point measuring. How the Walking Dead is a mediocre AMC show and RLP is still hiding in webcomic obscurity is beyond me. The pitch is killer, the conceit rich, and the characters so warm and three-dimensional that their decisions sometimes affect my mood. For days. If you’re not reading this comic, you’re missing out on some of the best art online.

    Nathan Sorry is also pretty promising.

  271. Every few months, I post my continually evolving list in a blog post on the site of my own webcomic. Here’s the one I posted in May. I’ve added some and taken some off since then, but it’s still a solid list:

    Bad Machinery & Octopus Pie are probably my favorites these days, tho normally I don’t like long form.

  272. Hi! Here’s my list:

    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
    Questionable Content
    Spiked Math

  273. There’s a group comic called CROSSOVERKILL I help with that’s great fun…an interdimensional grouping of superheroes fighting a group that is crossdimensional doppelgangers of each other. That’s at

    The heroes include Captain Perfect of BAD GUY HIGH at


    FUSION of



    My own MINDMISTRESS at


    It’s sort of like CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, except we’re having FUN with it. We round-robin the art chores, so it varies from say, the Red Death’s excellent art, to Essaybee’s Bruce Timmish-inspired art to my photoreferenced stuff to Xmung’s excellent unique art. If you don’t like the art, just wait. You’ll encounter something you will like…updated usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  274. We’ve been giving SPACE Prizes away for webcomics for the last two years. Below are the winners for the last two years. We also have a field of 20 entered for the 2011 Prize. They will be posted on shortly.

    SPACE Prize 2010

    1st Place: |
    Champ 2010
    Rutter Comics
    Jed Collins

    2nd Place:
    Pretty Jeff
    Jeff Gibbons

    3rd Place:
    Satyr Play Productions
    Mike Indovina

    SPACE Prize 2009

    1st Place:
    Introspective Comics
    Ryan Dow

    2nd Place:
    The Book of Biff
    Chris Hallbeck

    3rd Place:
    Freak Central
    Brian Maze

  275. Sharshenka says:

    I read (in the order that I thought of them):

    Maq 41
    Red String
    Erf World
    Order of the Stick (which I really, really hope isn’t dead)
    Girl Genius
    Sluggy Freelance
    Girls with Slingshots
    Questionable Content
    Wayward Sons
    Errant Story
    Kagerou: Electric Manga
    What Birds Know
    Out at Home
    Candi: A college story
    Paradigm Shift

    I have a few others that I check occasionally, but those are the ones I read on a very regular basis. Web comics are what I do while I am eating breakfast in the morning.

  276. I’m the artist and co-writer for Neko the Kitty Comics, as well as the doodle comic Yellow Sticky (which has been on hiatus for a while but will be restarting next monday)

  277. I’ll give a plug for my webcomic, The Orrery:

    I’d love more webcomic coverage, too. There’s a lot out there that can be hard to find.

  278. In case anyone is still reading these comments…I have a comic:

    Also, I like this comic which I don’t think many people have heard of:

  279. Pishposh555 says:

    Well, I have a webcomic I’ve been doing called Tom Boy Tara, found at which is a comic strip about a 19 year old who hasn’t changed into a stereotypical girl in her adulthood and dealing with college life with her total opposite of a roommate and her best friend who is a guy. Fictional but mainly deals with observations seen every day about gender roles and how people think they should act.

  280. I’m partial to:

    Eddie Pittman’s Red’s Planet

    Steve Ogden’s Moon-Town

    Tom Dell’aringa’s Marooned

    Mike Maihack’s Cleopatra in Spaaaace

    The Bolton brother’s Smash Comic

    Dani Jone’s My Sister the Freak

    And now for the plug: I work on this one here:

    It’s been rebooted and is in the prologue stage at the moment.

    Anyway, I’m having fun with it.

  281. Wow, so many! Here’s my very own:

    Please let me know what you think. I’m eager for some more feedback. Thanks!

  282. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back in the future. Cheers

  283. Well, I guess I am a little late with my reply but you should check out the Collective of Heroes if you are into premiere independent superhero webcomics and want to find a whole bunch of them:

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