Marc Silvestri and Michelle Phan team with LINE Webtoon


And another new business venture for SDCC Week: LINE Webtoon is a digital comics service, powered by NAVER, Korea’s biggest search engine. They have a pretty huge library of Korean content, and have been in tyhe us for about a year—but now they are adding original English language materials, starting with a digital relaunch of CYBERFORCE by Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins, and a new comic written by YouTube fashion and beauty maven Michelle Phan. The Enchantress is a 26-chapter story “delving into a near-future world of oppression, where elemental magic and ancient alchemy in the hands of one hero may save humanity. ” Random quotes from PR:

Infographic: the evolution of digital comics in the US


This infographic is also an ad for WEBTOONS, a portal short serialized digital comics that are native on mobile platforms. The site is run by NAVER, the Google of South Korea. Despite the proprietary nature there is still some interesting info on the graph including projected worldwide size of the digital comics market…no idea where that came from, but webtoons are an established entertainment format in South Korea, seemingly more than in the US.

INTERVIEW: Entering the Digital World of Tapastic


Digital comics have been growing at a tremendous rate over the past years, with initiatives like Thrillbent gaining prominence on top of individual projects like Dinosaur Comics, or Dr McNinja. People are trying new things with content and accessibility, as well as community – which is where Tapastic comes into play.