Media Do, Japan’s largest eBook distribution company along with its US-based division Media-Do International has announced a new partnership with TAICCA (Taiwan Creative Contents Agency), a Taiwan-based non-profit organization that supports the production, development, distribution and overseas promotions of comics created in Taiwan, including getting more comics from Taiwan published in English and Japanese.

As part of this new venture, starting from February 6, 2024, Media-Do International will be offering four new comics ebooks in English by creators from Taiwan on most eBook platforms including Kindle, Google Books, Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Bookwalker, MangaPlaza, and Renta.

These new comics from Taiwan are part of Media-Do’s YUZU Comics program for developing webtoon-style vertical scrolling comics for Japan and other overseas markets. Since YUZU Comics was launched in 2022, more than 50 vertical-scrolling digital comics have been produced in various languages worldwide. Media-Do International is already working with several Japanese publishers to bring their manga in English via eBook platforms, so this new deal opens the door for even more comics from Taiwan to be available in English than ever before.

Much like in S. Korea, the Taiwan government has played a significant role in promoting the development and promotion of comics creators and original comics IP from their country. There’s Taiwan Comics Base in Taipei, a 4-story building that is a dedicated facility for comics in Taipei City’s Huaying Street Business District, complete with a bookstore, event space and facilities for comics creators to work.  

Concurrently, more and more Japanese publishers are investing in creating and publishing more vertical scrolling comics. Besides Media Do’s YUZU Comics initiative, other major Japanese publishers have been making moves toward this format, and we’re starting to see more of it in English too. Full-color rom-com Romantic Killer (now available in English from VIZ Media and as an anime series on Netflix) was a winning entry in a competition sponsored by Shueisha, the publisher of manga magazine mega-brand, Shonen Jump. Kadokawa has been going all-in with vertical scrolling comics with their TATESC program (some TATESC titles, including Gamera: Rebirth are available in English on Bookwalker). Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten recently launched R-Toon, their foray into vertical scrolling comics recently too.

The first four titles from this TAICCA / Media Do initiative to arrive in English include a mix of slice of life, fantasy and boys love stories. They include:

CONFESSIONS OF A 35-YEAR-OLDa single-volume, slice-of-life drama

story and art by TEI · SRP: $5.99 · 146 pages · eISBN: 9781647115586 · For Readers Ages 12+ · Available February 6th

Thirty-five-year-old, single office worker Jason normally finds love to be elusive. He doesn’t give much thought to his new coworker Frank when he joins the company. But when a chance encounter evolves into a series of shared moments, an unanticipated twist in their relationship finds Jason and Frank being roommates. Will Jason find his new normal is love?

 THREE SECONDS AFTER OUR EYES MET – a single-volume BL romance

story and art by Rancha · SRP: $5.99 · 146 pages · eISBN: 9781647115579 · For Readers Ages 12+ · Available February 6th

The friendly, kind Student Union Event Division President Hezhan has a carefully maintained image but when fellow student Shunwen witnesses Hezhan’s outburst in a meeting room, he inadvertently becomes the keeper of Hezhan’s hidden side. Worried his secret will be revealed, Hezhan approaches Shunwen but every time their eyes lock, it feels like Shunwen sees right through him and he must “never lock eyes for more than three seconds.” Will Hezhan be able to protect his secret or will Shunwen reshape Hezhan’s life and his own?

THREE SECONDS AFTER OUR EYES MET was a Gold Prize-winner in the BL category at the second-ever Glory Original Comic Competition. Rancha is one of Taiwan’s most popular BL comic creators and renowned for delicate storytelling and for realistically presenting the emotions of his characters.

THE LIGHT CONJURER – a 3-volume comical supernatural fantasy

story and art by Gene ∙ SRP: $5.99 · 146 pages · eISBN: 9781647115555 · For Readers Ages 17+ · Available February 6th

Rubin, a seemingly useless summoner whose conjuring attempts are comically futile, secretly dreams of defeating a dragon. Fate has a sense of humor when Rubin summons a mysterious prince who coerces him into going to an abandoned castle… where a dragon lives. Can a useless conjurer face the challenge of confronting a legendary beast?

 Creator Gene is a comic artist/illustrator who was born and raised in Tainan, Taiwan.  He was the Bronze Prize-winner in the BL category at the First Ever Glory Original Comic Competition. An active figure in various doujin communities. Gene’s works come in diverse styles, and he loves to add a touch of humor to stories. His work “Wanted Magic Girl!” was selected to the 10th Golden Comic Best New Artist Award in 2019 and he also has won two top prizes at the 2020 Kyoto International Manga Anime Awards.

LOVING YOU WHEN THE WORLD ENDED – a single-volume post-apocalyptic romantic BL adventure
story and art by Gene · SRP: $5.99 · 146 pages · eISBN: 9781647115562 ·
For Readers Ages 15+ · Available February 6th

An apocalyptic event forces two strangers to navigate a world where the old order is shattered. Is it survival of the fittest or survival of the richest? Spoiled Nuowan can’t stay alive in this new reality without the help of skilled hotel worker Yu Seng, whom he met only moments before the world ended. Yu’s former military training comes in handy but is kissing out of the blue a survival tactic?

For more on TAICCA, visit their website for Taiwan Comics Base. To learn more about Media-Do, visit their website at