Charles Adlard named UK Comics Laureate


He’s not quite Bob Dylan yet, but Walking Dead Artist Charlie Adlard was just named the UK’s Comics Laureate at a ceremony at the Lake Comics Festival which is now going on. Adlard succeeds Dave Gibbons in this august role. As both a gentleman and an artist who knows his way around severed heads, oozing […]

E3 2016: The Year of Comic Book Video Gaming


Keep your Master Chiefs, bearded Kratos, fancy flux capacitor powered hardware. E3 2016 had one of the best line ups for those of us who love big comic book experiences in gaming. Batman, Spider-Man, Walking Dead just to name a few. Here’s the games based on comic book characters we’re most excited for from E3 2016: Spider-Man […]

Telltale Games The Walking Dead Will Bring Back Clementine for Season 3


During an  IGN interview with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman some new details regarding season three of the popular Telltale Games series based on his comics were dropped. The game will  be “checking in on Clementine again”, according to Kirkman. Though it isn’t clear if Clementine will be the only focus of the story this time around. Kirkman […]

The Game Awards Shows Off The Walking Dead: Michonne Footage


Just a short time ago at The Game Awards we got the surprise announcement about Telltale Games taking on the world of Batman in 2016. Now they’ve debuted footage from the highly anticipated The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series. “We’ve been hard at work on this very special exploration of The Walking Dead universe that will […]

Image Comics Month-to Month Sales: July 2015 – The Walking On Guard Saga


Yes, that’s right: Image. I know I usually do the DC Comics sales summaries here at The Beat, but while Heidi looks for someone to step in and handle the Indy comics chart I volunteered to do a column focusing on Image. With around seventy titles each month they’re about as large (titles-wise) as Marvel or DC, so I figure they should have their own column, yes? Warning: The commentary may be even more mis-informed than usual…

The important thing to remember when looking at Image’s sales numbers is that they’re not really playing the same game as other comics companies. My understanding (and I’m sure you’ll all correct me if I’m wrong in the comments below…) is that Image charges a flat fee for producing, listing and distributing comics, so that after that fee and the printing costs, whatever is left over goes directly to whoever supplied the comic. (This may be different for the official Image partners…)