Collect Them All! : DC Offers Neal Adams Variants for February 2016

Portrait of the artist as a younger man

Next February, DC Comics will be offering an “open to buy” series of variant covers drawn by Neal Adams! These covers don’t require any order minimums or ratios; retailers can order whatever amount they desire! I’m no expert on Adams’ catalog, but some of these covers are inspired by his earlier iconic work, such as […]

Marvel Announces “Build Your Own Deadpool” Sales Incentive

build your own iron man

Via Diamond’s Previews website (which duplicates content from other Diamond websites) comes news of an interesting new sales incentive: paper sculpture! Have your customers build their own Deadpool with these fun promo items from Marvel. Each of the releases (parts 1 – 6) are a specific part/piece of Deadpool. When finished, the approximate size of […]

Huzzah! DC Announces Darwyn Cooke variant cover month for December!


DC’s Variant month themes this year have ranged from the intriguing—Steampunk—to the inevitable—BOmbshells—to the eye-rilling —selfies— but’s they’ve finally come up with an idea that should be hailed coast to coast: a month of Variant covers by the great Darwyn Cooke, whose design and conceptual skills are second to none. Kate Willaert come back! Set the “Has DC Done Something Smart Today?” Clock to 0!

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Miracleman PLUS all the variant covers


So today, after decades of arguing and speculation and heartache and anger and perhaps even here and there a little joy, Miracleman #1 has been published by Marvel Comics. It’s the end result of all that arguing, speculation, etc etc etc. If you would like to know more about what I am talking  about, I […]