Reviews for X-Men Apocalypse are awful — but it is just a vast Disney/Marvel conspiracy?


I think we were all pretty shocked when we learned that Warner Bros. execs were blindsided by the bad reviews for Batman v Superman; they thought they had a crowd pleasing winner on their hands. However, it seems Fox execs may have been equally over-optimistic about X-men: Apocalypse, the new Bryan Singer directed mutant fricassee. The film doesn’t open here until May 27th, but reviews all went live earlier this week, usually a sign that the studio thinks the film will get great buzz. But, the buzz was…not great.

Rob Liefeld is doing a commentary track on the Deadpool DVD with director Tim Miller


So, Ryan posted the menu for the upcoming #Deadpool Blu-ray and you are gonna LOVE this! Tim Miller was kind enough to invite me to do commentary with him and he has great, great stories and insight that you will dig!! #robliefeld #vancityreynolds #marvel #20thcenturyfox #xforce A photo posted by Robertliefeld (@robliefeld) on Apr 20, […]

Wondercon’16: IDW Plans to Publish a Plethora of Books

Left to right: Dirk Wood, Vice Present of Marketing,  David Hedgecock, Managing Editor, Scott Dunbier, Special Projects Editor, and Greg Goldstein, President and COO

By Nicholas Eskey San Diego publisher IDW have grown steadily beyond their beginnings of comics. Though comics are still their main focus, the company in recent years has expanded beyond that and into other forms of entertainment. At this year’s Wondercon, IDW Entertainment represented by Dirk Wood, Vice Present of Marketing,  David Hedgecock, Managing Editor, […]