E3 2015: EA’s Turn To Take the E3 Stage (UPDATED)


Xbox kicked off Monday with high octane announcements and the epic news of backwards compatibility for Xbox One from the Xbox 360. Now it’s EA’s turn in the spotlight as they take over the Shrine Auditorium in LA. Expect new info on Mass Effect, Star Wars Battlefront, and Plants Vs Zombies 2. Last week Dark […]

SDCC ’14 Art of Videogames Panel

Dark Horse leads the way in transporting videogames into the comic world.

By: Nick Eskey Art has gone hand in hand with videogames almost since the beginning. Oh yes, the earliest games were either text-based adventures, or pixilated jumbles; Not really “artistic.” But the boxes they were packaged in were usually masterpieces of fantasies. It wasn’t that developers didn’t feel games were worthy of art as part […]