For people who aren’t into sci-fi, determining what’s a good gift for someone who loves it can be something of a challenge. But don’t worry, The Beat has you covered. Here are a few suggestions of options that just might hit the spot or inspire you to find that perfect present.

Babylon 5: The Road Home – $16.99 – various retailers

Cover of Babylon 5: The Road Home. Features the Babylon 5 space station and the faces of Sheridan,, Delenn, Ivanova, Garibaldi, and G'kar. The planet Epsilon 3 is in the background.
Box art for Babylon 5: The Road Home

Babylon 5 is one of the biggest sci-fi series from the 90s and one of the few that still holds up. It was groundbreaking in its format and topics, exploring the shades of grey that color all corners of life. Earlier this year, a new animated movie was released in the series, using the surviving cast as voice actors and adding a few new talented people as replacements for those who have passed away. Babylon 5: The Road Home fits the spirit of the series while bringing something new to the table. If your giftee loves classic sci-fi with depth on top of spectacle, this could be just the thing.

Lightsaber Chopsticks – $10.97+ – various retailers

A pair of glowing blue lightsaber chopsticks against a white background
Blue, glowing lightsaber chopsticks

If your giftee has any skill with chopsticks, these are a fun and practical addition to any kitchen. Who doesn’t want to pretend they’re saving the galaxy while they eat? This is a great gift for Star Wars fans, but even general fans of sci-fi will know what they’re from and the noise the lightsaber train is supposed to make on its way to your mouth with food. As a bonus, chopsticks are one of the things where even if someone already has them, they never have a problem getting more. 

Live Long And Prosper Knitted Sweater –  $68.95 –

A light blue sweater themed after Spock. Yellow letters read 'Live Long and Prosper,' with yellow science officer badges, white Enterprises, white IDIC symbols, black cuffs and borders, yellow snowflakes, yellow rank bands, and a yellow hand showing the LLAP gesture
Spock’s favorite not-so-ugly ugly sweater

As a Star Trek fan, I know we have a lot of fun being loud and proud about Trek, possibly even too much fun. This sweater is warm and perfect for the holidays, and since it’s brand new, there’s a good chance that even the most die-hard Trekkie hasn’t picked it up yet. The sweater is Spock-themed, and I don’t know any Trek fans who don’t love at least one of the Spocks, if not all three.

Moon Lamp – $19.99+ – various retailers

A lamp in the shape of the moon glows pale orange and rests on a wooden base
iLUNAnate your life with this sci-fi gift

Classy, classic, and practical, a moon lamp works for people who enjoy sci-fi, space, and science. They have actual moon topography, and many of the lamps I’ve found have customizable controls that let you set warm or cold light with a fair few color variations. I can also recommend these as great lamps to read by.

Star Fluxx – $9.99+ – various retailers

The cover of a box of Star Flux. The name of the game is in yellow with purple shadows, there's a pair of gray starships, two planets, and a bright star against the black of space
The classic Star Fluxx game box

Does your sci-fi giftee also love games? Fluxx variations are nearly infinite, from Martian to Firefly, Deep Space Nine to Doctor Who, and the game itself is a blast. You’ll easily be able to find a version that will be perfect. As a bonus, it’s a card game, so the box is small and easy to find room for.

Mass Effect N7 Robe – $75 –

A white man wears a black robe with the N7 red-and-white stripe and logo. It's lined with the Spectre symbol in red and black.
My favorite robe on the Citadel

A warm robe is the peak of comfort whether you’re lounging around or trying to convince yourself to change from pajamas into day clothes. Mass Effect is one of the best-known and best-loved sci-fi video game series, so if your giftee is also a gamer, they’ll know what this is from, and the odds are decent that they’re a fan.

Dune (1984) Movie Palette – $75 –

Hundreds of horizontal lines, mostly earthy brown and yellow tones.
Sure looks like a desert

Movie palettes capture the main colors in key scenes and sequences, turning them into abstract art that fits the mood of the featured movie or TV show. Dune is a classic sci-fi series that’s also a classic movie being remade (with new comic adaptations to boot!), so there’s a high chance your sci-fi fan is familiar. You can find many more movie palettes on the website, and odds are you can find one that fits your giftee’s home and tastes.

Custom Bobblehead –  $59.95+ – various retailers

A white man wears a space suit. His head is large.
Your face here

Everyone has a favorite character, or fifty. Unless those characters are all from Star Wars, plenty of them have probably never gotten a figure. If your giftee enjoys figures, this is a great way to get them something unique that their heart desires. You could also put their face in so that they’re wearing their favorite character’s outfit, armor, or uniform.

Doctor Who Shoes – $49.90 –

A pair of high-top canvas shoes with the exploding TARDIS and gold-and-blue swirls
Shoes are not bigger on the inside

The life of the Doctor involves lots of running, as does just about every life in 2023. There are five different designs on the website, all looking fitting and fun. On top of that, everyone can use shoes, and a new stylish pair that’s also geeky can put a spark of fun into a mundane day.

Saga Box Set – $99.99+ – various retailers

Box set of the Saga comic series. Facing the viewer is an island in a purple-pink sea reflecting a purple-pink sky. Sci-fi gift guide.
Volumes 1-9

Since this is The Beat‘s sci-fi gift guide, I couldn’t let you go without recommending one of the brightest spots in sci-fi comics in recent times. Saga is an ongoing story of found family, lost family, and found-and-lost-and-found-again family. Don’t buy this for a kid; there’s mature content, but if you’ve got an adult comics fan who hasn’t read Saga yet, this could be an excellent choice.

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