After months of waiting, EA finally announced that Bioware’s Anthem is to release on February 22nd of 2019.

The most exciting news, however, is that Anthem is to not include the use of loot boxes. Though there will be monetization in the form of cosmetic and vanity items, Bioware said that there will be no game advantages available through real-world money. As EA’s focus in recent years has been on the support of loot boxes, this is a refreshing update.

Being touted as a multiplayer with single-player storytelling, Anthem is shaping up to be larger in scope than first anticipated. The missions will be played out in the overall world with other players, where bases will play host to singular player interactions. As Mark Darrah, Executive Producer for Bioware said, it will be “our world, my story.” This said world is to also be “dynamic” and “organic,” changing every time the player comes back to it. Lead Writer Cathleen Rootsaert added that this will allow Bioware to “add stories for years to come,” meaning the company sees Anthem to be around for some time. It’s hard to not connect such claims to those that Bungie made when it came to their game Destiny.

As for the suits in which players will be using throughout the game, they will each come with their own unique abilities. They will also allow a degree of customization, though the biggest changes will be only cosmetic.

In the wake of last year’s disappointing reception for Mass Effect: Andromeda, we can only hope all the attention that is being spent on Anthem pans out.