Awesome infographic on the Avengers then and now


Mistress of the infographics (and cover reviews) Kate Willaert has really outdone herself with this then-and-now piece on the Avengers. Willaert took stills of the Avengers from that Avengers: Age of Ultron movie—including news kids Vision, Scarlet Witch and so on—and matched it was a drawing of how they debuted back in the day.

Infographic: the evolution of Daredevil


Speaking of Daredevil, infographic whiz Kate Willaert created this diagram of Matt Murdock throughout the years for . It is a notable fact that while the Kirby/Ditko/Bullpen team generally hit a home run with all their character designs, the one that was a little squibbler straight to the pitcher was Daredevil’s red and yellow […]

Kate Willaert’s amazing inforgraphic shows the evolution of Spider-Man’s costume



Hopefully by now you’ve all seen the debut of new contributor Kate Willaert’s column “By Its Cover” which looks at the best of the week’s cover designs—I’ve been wanting to add more craft-focused pieces to the Beat and this really fits the bill.