Mistress of the infographics (and cover reviews) Kate Willaert has really outdone herself with this then-and-now piece on the Avengers. Willaert took stills of the Avengers from that Avengers: Age of Ultron movie—including news kids Vision, Scarlet Witch and so on—and matched it was a drawing of how they debuted back in the day. Suffice to say we’ve come a long way from simple four color designs.

The infographic was created for Shirts.com because…Avengers wear shirts? I don’t know. But whatever the marketing reasons, it’s a cool piece.

And in case you didn’t hit the first link above, Willaert regularly critiques the month’s comics covers here at The Beat. Agree or disagree, check out some of her columns.


  1. Jacob: Mission Accomplished. :-)

    It’s not just Kirby I was imitating, but also Don Heck and John Buscema (and Joe Simon, who I think at least partially contribute to the art on Captain America Comics #1?).

  2. Brian: Unless you can point me to the issue I’m missing, Ultron-1 (the “crazy fridge”) didn’t appear until a flashback in Avengers #58, several issues after Ultron-5’s first appearance.

  3. In what way are any of these “infographics”? A better title may have been “Awesome Graphics on the Avengers Then and Now”

  4. Nice.
    I would have liked to see Ironman’s original 1963 suit matched up with the movie version of the Mark I suit though.

  5. Great job! Kate, why did you compare then Iron Man with now half Iron/half Tony? In its first appearance, the helmet wouldn’t pull out? Regards from Brazil!

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