The basics of tabling at conventions: #3 is something most people don’t know


With convention season swinging in high gear with C2E2 this weekend, followed by WonderCon, MoCCA and ECCC, let’s review a little bit of convention exhibiting basics, shall we. With the flood of smaller shows, the economics of attending have to be examined closely. If you’re a writer, even more so.   Matt Hawkins is the […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 2/29/16: San Diego conventer center CONspiracy theory


§ Mark Fiore won this year’s Herblock Prize for editorial cartooning. Already a winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Fiore is the first to win for creating video content which run on the the San Francisco Chronicle’s web site,,,,, NPR’s web site and is currently being featured on online news sites ranging […]

French publishers threaten to start their own festival as Minister of Culture agrees to meet with them


L’Affaire de Angoulême continues and will not stop. As we reported yesterday, 40 French publishers — basically all the important players in France— have said they will boycott the 2017 festival if changes are not made. According to an interview in Le Monde, Guy Delcourt, owner of Delcourt, one of the biggest French publishers and head […]

San Diego Comic-Con not on board with Chargers plans for new downtown stadium


Really, the entire saga of San Diego’s downtown, Comic-Con and the Chargers is one of those local stories that will go on as long as one old timer is around to yap about it on Snapchat.

And as long as people can dream and make architectural renderings, there will be ideas for what kind of bizarro Brandon Graham-type building to put up in beautiful downtown San Diego. Like the above rendering of a proposed stadium that looks like a bunch of nesting tables stacked up wily nilly.

Tomorrow is the great San Diego Comic-Con Ticket sale—FOR THE ALLIANCE!


Tomorrow at 9 am pst, noon est, tickets for this year’s open registration for the San Diego Comic-Con takes place. There’s a detailed FAQ in the above link, a video here, and an explanation of this year’s RFID technology here. RFID, already in use by New York Comic-Con, means each badge is trackable, and should […]

Where the Conner/Palmiotti team will be at Long Beach Comic Expo –– and their latest Kickstarter


The other day we mentioned that the hugely popular team behind Harley Quinn of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti had imposed a sensible signing limit for shows, which makes sense because they are two of the busiest people we know. For instance, Palmiotti is currently running Kickstarter — his ninth—for a standalone graphic novel in […]

No Special Edition: NYC in 2016, but ReedPOP may be looking at an anime event again


ReedPOP head honcho Lance Fensterman has been doing the interview rounds of late including this podcast for More to Come where I interviewed him as he was boarding a plane. (he’s a busy guy.) In our conversation he hedged a bit about this year’s Special Edition, NYC, and in his interview with, it was […]