February 16-18, at Bartle Hall in Kansas City MO, the area’s largest pop culture celebration takes place, PLANET COMICON Kansas City. While fans will get to see nerd-lebrities like Jason Momoa and Khary Payton, the show still pushes the comic book industry. How do I know? Well, full disclosure, I’m part of the team of people who put together the convention’s programming for 2018.

2017, Dan DiDio and Jimmy Palmiotti talking comics with fans.

The full program schedule can be found at the show’s site here. Comics Beat has been kind enough to let me share some of the awesome comics and comics-related stuff we’re doing this year and it includes a softball team’s worth of DC Comics creators and WWE Legends being interviewed by BOOM! Studios WWE Comic writer Dennis Hopeless:


PCKC PULL LIST: My Favorite Batman!

3:00PM RM 2505A

Christopher Nolan, Neal Adams, Chuck Dixon? With over 75 years of history to pick from, the top creators in comics talk about their favorite version of Batman from Detective to Beyond and how working on the character has shaped their careers. On the panel: Ty Templeton (Batman 66′), Ande Parks (Batman Beyond), Brian Azzarello (The Dark Knight III), Clay Mann (Batman), Tom King (Batman).


PCKC PULL LIST: How I Got Into Comics!

4:00PM RM 2505A

Chances are if you read comics, you probably dream about working in comics. But how does it happen? Hear the early stories of some top industry talents as they share what gave them a passion for comics and how they got their starts. On the panel: CULLEN BUNN (X-MEN), JASON LATOUR (SOUTHERN BASTARDS), SETH PECK (THE REALM), AMY CHU (RED SONJA), CHRISTOPHER PRIEST (JUSTICE LEAGUE) and hosted by JASON INMAN (DC All-Access).


PCKC PULL LIST: The Art of Telling Stories in Comics.

5:00PM RM 2505A

The most renowned creators in comics talk about the magic of art and writing coming together to create stories. Hear what goes into being both writer and artist on superheroes and more. On the panel Jeremy Haun (The Realm), Geof Darrow (Shaolin Cowboy), Phil Hester (Green Arrow), Dan Jurgens (Action Comics), and Patrick Gleason (Superman). Moderated by Davey Nieves (ComicsBeat)



PCKC PULL LIST: Frank Cho Draws From Cosplay

12:00PM RM 2502

From cartoon strips to best selling covers, no artist has the dynamic touch like Frank Cho. In a special Planet Comicon hour, the superstar artist talks about his process, using cosplay models, and inspirations. Plus you’ll get to see a master at work as Frank Cho demos his figure drawing style with a volunteer cosplayer from the audience.


PCKC PULL LIST: Out in Comics: LGBTQ Trends in Popular Culture.

2:00PM RM 2503A

More and more, popular characters in comics, television, and film are coming out as LGBTQ, and there are more queer creators bringing them to life than ever before. However, with increased representation comes increased responsibility. What more must creators and publishers do to render queer characters with integrity? What are the different roles for mainstream and independent publishers regarding LGBTQ issues? Which queer identities are represented best, worst, and least in geek media? Join moderator Tara Madison Avery (Prism Comics, Stacked Deck Press) and panelists Christianne Benedict (Exiles, ALPHABET), Marshall Edwards (Prairie City Response), Max Dlabick (André and Karl), Kirstin Steitz (Oh My Foes) and others to be announced for a lively discussion of these and other topics.


PCKC PULL LIST: Drawing Your Favorite Characters, Your Way with Skottie Young and Megan Levens!

2:30PM RM 2504AB

Whether it’s Spider-Man or Spock, every artist looks at characters differently. Come see how artists interpret characters their way live on stage. COME SEE: MEGAN LEVENS (STAR TREK) and SKOTTIE YOUNG (Marvel Babies)!


PCKC PULL LIST: DC Comics Dark Nights METAL, Turning It Up To 11!

3:00PM RM 3501

They are the most famous union in comics since Lee met Kirby. Together, writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo have put their next-level talents to add even more depth to the mythology of Batman. At Planet Comicon the creators talk about what began with the Court of Owls and ends with the blockbuster event Dark Nights Metal in a special intimate spotlight with all the comics faithful. Don’t miss out. Join Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and Jonathan Glapion.   Hosted by Jason Inman (DC All-Access)


PCKC PULL LIST: Carte Blanche With Brian Azzarello.

4:30PM RM 2505A

Planet Comicon hosts a very special interview with one of the top writers in comics. Brian Azzarello co-created the critical and commercial success 100 Bullets for DC Comics Vertigo imprint. Along the way he’s scribed tales for iconic characters such as Superman and Wonder Woman. Most recently, Azzarello co-wrote the third chapter of The Dark Knight trilogy. In a special Q&A, Brian will talk his career and passion for comics and possibly what the future holds for him. Don’t miss out!


PLANET THEATER: Team Bestie with WWE Hall of Famers Trish and Lita

5:00PM RM 3501

The first female wrestlers to main event cable’s highest rated show talk about making history and paving the way for the Women’s Evolution in sports entertainment. Join WWE Hall of Famers Trish Stratus and Amy “Lita” Dumas as they tell behind the scenes stories from their storied careers in a special Q&A interview by BOOM! Studios WWE comic writer Dennis Hopeless.


PCKC PULL LIST: A Look at DC Comics Rebirth

11:00AM RM 3501

DC Comics has revitalized superhero comics since publishing Rebirth in 2016. Join some of DC’s top talent as they talk about the current stories going on and some of the events that came out of rocking the comics world. On this special DC Comics mega panel are Marguerite Bennett, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Dan Jurgens, Clay Mann, Tom King, Christopher Priest, Jonathan Glapion, and Pat Gleason with DC Comics All-Access Co-host Jason Inman.


PCKC PULL LIST: Making Mighty Marvel Comics!

12:00PM RM 2502

Love Marvel Comics? So do the people who make them! Join some of creative minds who build the tales of Thor, Deadpool, The X-Men, Spider-Gwen and have shaped the Marvel landscape. It’ll be a mighty Marvel hour! Excelsior! On the panel: Jason Aaron (Marvel Legacy), Mark Brooks (Secret Empire), Arthur Adams (X-Men), and Jason Latour (Spider Gwen)

Creators and fans on the exhibit floor.

That’s just a slice of what the show has in store for its guests in two weeks. If you’re into cosplay, anime, sci-fi, podcasts, horror, or just a nerd looking to see Kevin Conroy talk about being Batman; there’s something for all of us. This show remains one of the best-kept convention secrets in the country. A place where big name creators gather yet the audience is never so overwhelming that the comics people you want to meet can’t spend a few minutes getting to know us, the fans.

If you’re in or near the Kansas City area from February 16-18, come to the show and enjoy comics again. Maybe wish me a happy birthday that Saturday, because I’ll be miles from home. You can find all the ticket info and more on the show’s website PlanetComicon.com