Steranko-ing: the early years

Thanks to Sarrah Horrocks, this undated but 80s ish photo of Jim Steranko and Jack Kirby shows that Steranko-ing has a long, proud tradition.

Steranko has recently gained a whole new audience with his addictive Twitter feed which includes stories of escape tricks, comics history and general “I was there” testimony—although it has yet to be verified and many wonder if such a person could actually be real.

Real or not, people don’t really want to know. Steranko is THE MAN.



  1. Kate Willaert says:

    Steranko once faced Chuck Norris in a duel, but only Steranko could draw.

  2. Kate Willaert says:

    Captain Morgan stole his famous pose from Steranko.

  3. Dean Haspiel says:

    I believe Steranko. Needing to know every nook and crannie before production is a stink of the present. No extra-creative/balls-to-the-wall latitude. Instinct and good cast always saves the day. And, if latitude IS given, it becomes 11th hour editorial anxiety. No more. Creators rule the night while execs sleep. Crowd-funding will eventually figure itself out right nice and abolish corporate fear for faster/better/stronger distribution relationships. G’night $4/5 comix. Nice knowing you.

  4. s!monsa!z says:

    yup good call dan

  5. Charles says:

    Don’t taint this with a Chuck Norris joke, dude.

  6. Jackie Estrada says:

    I’ve known Jim for over 35 years; all his stories are true.

  7. But is it really him TELLING the stories?

  8. Chris Hero says:

    Jim Steranko is the coolest human being to ever live. I’m considering starting a religion following him and his words.

  9. George Bush (not that one) says:

    That is the greatest photo I have ever seen! Talk about the NEW GODS.

  10. Dave Elliott says:

    Yes, it is really Jim telling these stories.

  11. Gianluca Glazer says:

    Thanks Dave for giving me the opportunity to meet Steranko and Promote his work on Hercules in 2008.

    I’m in line with what Dean says. Creativity rules and Steranko is the man.

  12. Scratchie says:

    Steranko looks like Mick Jones in this pic.

  13. Could we finally have some discussion about Steranko’s WORK after all the blather about his clothes, hair and boots?

  14. Bloody hell! It’s Scott Free and High Father.

    @george: the men are their work. Everything that is in each individual’s work is reflected in that photo: sheer brilliance and the ultimate attitude.

  15. The best part of Steranko now being on twitter is that all of his tweets are being archived by the library of congress, so ideally our posterity will be able share in the sheer awesomeness, and envy our proximity to him.

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