Public service announcement: It's called automatic renewal 2010-10-27 3:25.png
And it costs about $20 a year. Priceless.



  1. Poor Kyle! He’ll never get that domain back.

  2. He’s got a new website with another name. (horrible design, though the man knows his animation!)

    Also: he cut off his rastas?

  3. I recently came across a piece that said if you forget to renew your domain, there’s actually a couple of grace periods that will give the owner time to renew it before it actually becomes available to someone else (or, worse, to a squatter). I think it buys you up to a couple of months to renew.

    But that’s assuming Baker owned the original URL name.

  4. Stay classy, Heidi.

  5. John DiBello says:

    How is this comics journalism news? Why not contact Baker and follow up on the story? Maybe he forgot; maybe he’s got something else going on; maybe it’s on purpose. But this is a news story that exists for no reason as it stands except to draw attention to a mistake, change, or oversight Kyle Baker made, but with no backup of facts.

  6. I posted this as a cautionary tale for other folks, not as a news story.

    In fact IT ALMOST HAPPENED TO ME THIS YEAR, as I had forgotten to renew one of my name domains. CLICK THAT AUTO RENEW BOX, PEOPLE.

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