Over and out: Gangnam Style cartoon way

There are probably 345,000 Gangnam Style parodies out there this week.

The one we are choosing to feature is by Sam Henderson.

That is all.



  1. I admit… I’m living under a rock.
    I will do a youtube search on this gangnam style and see what it’s all about.

  2. Sam Henderson says:

    I wouldn’t have known about it either until I saw it on a Saturday Night Live sketch last week. I usually do these cartoons a month in advance but figured it would be forgotten about by then.

  3. Sorry, this reference is too obscure for me, too. I must live under a rock somewhere near Jimmie Robinson. Gangnam, you say? Person, place or thing; animal, mineral or vegetable..

  4. For those unfamiliar with “Gangnam Style” this page should answer your questions:


    To keep it comics related, here’s Deadpool’s version:


  5. Dave Hartley says:

    hmmm – 5000 odd word Wikipedia entry with 195 footnote references.

    DC Comics Wikipedia entry – 4900 odd words with 36 footnote references.

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