Nice Art: Jeffrey Catherine Jones


If you’re not friends with artist Jeffrey Catherine Jones on Facebook, you are missing out on lots of art, like this gorgeous sketch which Jones gave us permission to post here in honor of Cat Blogging Friday.

As a reminder, filmmaker/designer Maria Cabardo is working on a documentary about Jones. More info here and a rough cut trailer, above.


  1. Al™ says

    That is a really interesting rough cut.

    Fascinating, and makes me definitely want to learn more about Jones and his journey.

    I found the music way too loud in the mix, but maybe that’s part of the rough cut process, she’s just putting the clips together in a rough narrative to allow editing choices.

  2. jacob lyon goddard says

    she incorrectly identified Paul Pope as Mark Chiarello (i think)

    Jones has always been a complete mystery to me. there’s just so little about her(?) out there. i’m really looking forward to this.

  3. says

    Exceptional Art.
    I have just fallen across his art and I must research it to the detriment of others.
    Psychological makeup always has a such a large part in creating Art.
    Lovelt film.

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