Nice art: DARNA LIVES! channels Marvelman

Darna is a popular Filipino superheroine created by Mars Ravelo and Nestor Redondo in 1950. Contemporary creators Gerry Alanguilan (story and art page 1) and Arnold Arre (letters and art pages 2-8) have created a 9 page tribute called DARNA LIVES! which is inspired by Alan Moore’s Marvelman.



  1. Steven Taylor says:

    This is really nice. DC should hire these guys.

  2. One of my dreams is to see Darna translated in English. She seems to be a heroine that belongs in the DC universe along side Wonder Woman and Supergirl. I doubt it would sell, but it would be neat to see.

  3. Great work here. I tried reading up on Darna — never heard of her prior to this — but I’m getting a lot of dead links.

    I did read that in one TV series they made the actress fly by actually suspending her from a helicopter, which makes me want to see this stuff even more.

  4. hi Paul!

    This site :
    … offers one of the most comprehensive collection of Darna art, stories, videos.

    Hope this helps :)


  5. DARNA pin-ups by
    Leinil Yu
    The Luna Brothers
    Chester Ocampo

    (click and scroll down please)

  6. Thanks, Budjette! Unfortunately most of the links on that Darna site seem gone as well. : (

    Very nice pinups on that blog though!

  7. You can check this blog for Darna where all the original and first published works were scanned although it is still in original Filipino version.

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