Darna is a popular Filipino superheroine created by Mars Ravelo and Nestor Redondo in 1950. Contemporary creators Gerry Alanguilan (story and art page 1) and Arnold Arre (letters and art pages 2-8) have created a 9 page tribute called DARNA LIVES! which is inspired by Alan Moore’s Marvelman.



  1. One of my dreams is to see Darna translated in English. She seems to be a heroine that belongs in the DC universe along side Wonder Woman and Supergirl. I doubt it would sell, but it would be neat to see.

  2. Great work here. I tried reading up on Darna — never heard of her prior to this — but I’m getting a lot of dead links.

    I did read that in one TV series they made the actress fly by actually suspending her from a helicopter, which makes me want to see this stuff even more.

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