New TWO-STEP collection coming

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Via Warren Ellis, the cover to a NEW edition of TWO-STEP, his collaboration with Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti:

You know how this project started? I’d worked with Amanda before — on a Vampirella thing, just because I wanted to write something for Amanda, because she’s brilliant. And a couple of years later I got an email from Jimmy that read, I swear: “Wanna write something for Amanda and I? We both think you don’t suck.”

TWO-STEP is, like RED, MEK, and TOKYO STORM WARNING and OCEAN, part of a series of three-issue stories Ellis produced for Wildstorm back in the day that have received renewed attention because of the RED connection.


  1. Name Withheld due to Shame says:

    Uh, Ocean was totally 6 issues.

  2. The one book I totally did not check!

  3. RELOAD with Paul Gulacy was the other 3-issue mini that Ellis did for Wildstorm.

    Anyway, this is great news!

  4. morganagrom says:

    Amazon says it’s $20 for 128 pages. If the 3 pamphlets and covers take up 69 pages, what’s happening with the other 59?

  5. michael says:

    Two-Step was an awesome series! :D

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