New Marvel ‘4’ Teaser shows Human Torch

B-but…you died!!

Marvel continues to release teaser images for a November FF event, and the latest image shows the Human Torch in a variant cover by Joe Quesada.


  1. Dave says

    Cue the jeering cynicism.

    Look, I know Marvel and DC have made their own bed as far as giving death no credibility, but at least in this case they never pretended it was permanent. They made a media event of it, but in all the interviews I saw, Quesada practically said, “He’ll be back.”

  2. John Warren says

    And one promo image doesn’t mean much anyway. Marvel does lots of variant covers that have no relation to the content of their books.

  3. Rich says

    Johnny “died” off-panel, with no body or killing stroke ever shown. Of course he’ll be back.

  4. jacob goddard says

    Heidi, you seem to support the proposed boycott of Marvel until they address their past sins. Why do you continue to distribute their PR?

  5. David T.G. Riches says

    I have said this before and I will continue to say it again.
    You know technically Johnny Storm’s body was never recovered. We didn’t actually see Johnny Storm die. At no time were the issues labeled “The Death Of Johnny Storm” so there may not be any actual dead to be returning from much like those early issues of the FF where Dr Doom would return to show off his Escape Artist skills.

    As for Heidi, distributing PR it’s news and she’s a journalist and it’s still part of the job. Besides she and her team are good at other wise I know I wouldn’t look at the page as often as I do.

  6. Naveed says

    We should boycott these books, it is getting ridiculous, the heroes aren`t even dead 3 months anymore before they return in a another event. Looks like the end of the Future Foundation and reconversion to the old numbering (again)….same old same old, been done dozens of time. Too Bad the new FF titles was not bad. As much as I was initially unhappy with DC relaunch at least they had the guts to relaunch everything from their screwed up continuity. Maybe Marvel should also do a reboot? I know as a Spider-man fan, I would be more than thrilled!

  7. says

    …so we can expect Ultimate Peter Parker to come back to life, maybe in time for the next Spiderman movie?

  8. Keyser says

    How do we know it’s Johnny Storm in the pic? You can’t really see hair or tell skin tone since he’s on fire. Dare I say we may have a black/hispanic Human Torch now too? BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I can see Marvel doing this to get quick sales.

  9. Thomas says

    Naveed, as you seem to understand, this wasn’t an “event” at all — the “death” and return were all part of the same naturally unfolding story.

  10. says

    This is the original Batman issue #497 titled “The Broken Bat” from July 13, 1993. It is #11 of the Knightfall series. In the story an exhausted Batman returns to Wayne Manor where Bane ambushes him in the Batcave, defeats him, and delivers the final blow: breaking Batman’s back, leaving him a paraplegic. Limited number of copies. First come, first served

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