Happy 50th Birthday, Grant Morrison


Thanks for blowing our minds all these years.
Grant Morrison




  1. James Belding says:

    I’ll second that! Here’s to another 50!

  2. Being coterminous with all time and space, Grant Morrison is actually as old as the universe itself, though let that not detract from the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of his mortal incarnation.

  3. Happy 50th! and many happy returns. You’re a trip and I love you for it. I also love that picture with the kitten. That is tres cool.

  4. Ben Morse says:

    Looking great at 50! Happy birthday, sir!

  5. That last picture rules because you can actually kind of believe that that snapshot was the EXACT MOMENT he got the idea for Batman R.I.P.

  6. 50?
    He should change his name to Dorian Gray.

  7. 50? for real??? Wow, I would never have guessed! I would like the name of his moisturizer!

  8. I guess a steady diet of magic keeps you young. His New X-Men run was a bit of a comics renaissance for me; and for that, I’m grateful. Cheers, Grant.

  9. We should all look that good at 50!

    (Seriously, the way Grant looks, 50 is the new 30).

  10. Well anyone who shaves his head @ 50, only does it to look 30.



  11. Peter says:

    That’s one young looking 50 yr old. Happy Birthday


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