We were hoping we’d have the new digs open for business today, but despite our best efforts nodding with templates and what not, we’re not quite ready for the housewarming. However, we should be able to at least move our new posting over to the new site later this week.

To answer the question many had, no, the Beat archives will NOT be hosted here any more. They will be moved to the new site. Unfortunately, getting the old posts moved was beyond my own limited WordPress skills since THIS blog is hosted on such an old version of WP that none of the export functions work. *Sigh.*


  1. Right, as Todd says, or even wait until this site is offline, and your new site is up and running, Then upgrade this dormant site offline, if that reduces risk of crashes. Once it is up to newest WP, then export.

  2. Even if you can’t export posts directly from WordPress, create a backup of the MySQL database. That’s where the posts and comments are saved, and I’m sure some technically inclined reader would be able to offer assistance in restoring them.

  3. You rock beat girl! I been following you back in the days when you had the pigtails!! Comic reader wasn’t it? I think? I’ll follow you wherever you go!

    Awesome site!! Can’t wait to read the new one!