Wow, based on last night’s Grammy Award telecast, the music biz has found a new look, and it’s Black Lantern all the way! Most performers dressed in dark, or gunmetal, with lots of metallics — hell even Dave Matthews looked like he stepped out of a SAW movie, which is a sure sign of the apocalypse. In keeping with the SF vibe, production numbers are huge and elaborate. It’s not enough to just write and sing the songs any more, you have to be an acrobat…


Or a futuristic alien from Click n’ Drag circa 1996:
Lady Gaga Grammys Perf2

Lady Gaga Grammys Perf3

The Black Eyed Peas went full-on comic book.

Capt.8093690B37F141759E5Ba5D1Be9Bbe8B.Grammy Awards Show Cadc296

Is that Judge Fergie I spy?

Grammybep 2

Grammy Bep
Beyonce came out with a full battalion of some kind of death troopers behind her, but we couldn’t find a picture of it. and courtesy of io9’s own futistic Grammy galery, here’s a look at her Imperial Guard retainers:

500X Berhythm

Luckily. The Jonas Brothers came as characters from a Gilbert Hernandez comic:
Capt.F1344B55Ef954F8Bada9Ee83Cf6Dbf54.Grammy Awards Show Cadc317

And while you can rejoice that there will always be a fat guy in a knit cap…


The sad reality is that some poor victim is always going to have to sit behind Lady Gaga’s headpiece and miss ALL the action.
Lady Gaga Grammys Audience2


  1. Pictures 2 and 9: Guess who could play Alison Blaire in a potential “Dazzler” movie?

    Picture 8: Good to see that Dennis “D-Man” Dunphy is alive and kicking…

  2. @Russell Smith

    Jem & the Holograms, please. Gaga as Jerrica, Beyonce as Shana, Pink as Kimber, Hikaru Utada as Aja and Mariah as Synergy. The movie would be so bad that it would loop right back around into awesome.

  3. re:

    Ah, that explains the rant about the accounting “irregularities” of his foundation being the fault of “that accursed Richards”.

  4. ha! re: gaga’s headpiece. But I love Gaga.

    But I read some article that was saying how mad some rich people must’ve been, wearing multithousand dollar attire, and having their front seats being ruined by getting all wet from Pink’s performance.