SDCC ’16: Camp Conival presents more nerdlebrity shenanigans


  Call this not a con war but an offsite war and not even really a war, but…it’s getting so you can’t swing a cat without hitting some kind of nerdlebrity activation around Comic-Con. The best known is the long running Nerd HQ which this year wil; be held once again at the Children’s Museum just […]

Alan Tudyk’s Con Man to stream on Comic-Con HQ


Comic-Con HQ, the SVOD launched by Comic-Con International and Lionsgate is having a big splash this weekend with a sponsorship of Free Comic Book Day and a launch of free codes to get access to a beta of the service. They’ve also just announced that they’ll be hosting Con Man, the behind the scenes of con […]

Wondercon’16: Chris Hardwick and Nerdist News Speak About Community and Nerdiness

Chris Hardwick belting his rendition of "The Children are our Future"

By Nicholas Eskey If you label yourself a “nerd” and wear it with pride, undoubtedly you already follow Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist News. The quick witted comedian and mega-nerd took heads the podcast driven news network for nerds with a wonderful collection of colleagues and special guests, discussing everything from the current state of all things […]

It was Daryl. You know it was Daryl. But you can still go on a cruise with him.


You know that Negan killed Daryl on Sunday night, right? It had to be. A “beloved character” died, they already killed Glenn and they want the comics to be different from the TV show. And no one’s death would cause such pain, agony and outcry. Plus attention. The Walking Dead is in its seventh season! […]

Nerdlebrity Babylon: Extreme fan bites Norman Reedus at Walker Stalker Con

norman reedus bitten

Fan favorite nerdlebrity Norman Reedus has become an icon as the zombie-stompin’ Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. But despite his amazing survival skills he was not able to repel a real bite attack by one of his greatest fans.

The greatest moment in nerdlebrity history: When Stan Lee met Grumpy Cat


Grumpy Cat and @TheRealStanLee having a terrible #Halloween backstage @StanLeeComikaze @HotTopic #Comikaze — Grumpy Cat (@RealGrumpyCat) November 1, 2015 It happened this weekend at Comikaze in LA. And hundreds have had their photo taken with Grumpy Cat, only Stan Lee was allowed to actually hold the cat. When the epic once in a lifetime […]

Nerdlebrity Babylon: $300+ Ron Weasley photo op saddens father


The potential innate sadness and tawdriness of the “nerdlebrity autograph/photo op faire” aspect of contemporary “comic-cons” gets examined in this piece at The Walrus by Jonathan Kay entitled Ron Weasley Made Me Sad, in which a dad takes his kids to Fan Expo Canada and, unencumbered by the fannish enthusiasm that often overlooks just how […]

Treat Yo’self to a Secret Treasure Trove of Neil Gaiman Rarities


  You’ve got your mimosas.  You’ve got your fine leather goods.  How about your rare, never-before-released Neil Gaiman Stories? The American Gods and Sandman author has teamed up with The Moth, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) and Humble Bundle to present the Humble Book Bundle: Neil Gaiman Rarities.  For the next two weeks, users can pay as […]

Maryland Batman Fatally Injured in Car Accident


A somber start to the morning as reports roll in that 51 year old Leonard Robinson, better known to countless children, families, and members of the public as the Maryland Batman, died on Sunday night. According to state police, Robinson was driving along a major highway in his custom-built Batmobile when the engine broke down, causing […]

Jesse Eisenberg Compares Being at SDCC to Genocide


This weekend, actor Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Lex Luthor in next year’s Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, was seen at the premiere of The End of the Tour, a film about the release of David Foster Wallace’s 20th century existential tomb of a novel, Infinite Jest.  In an interview with the Associated Press, Eisenberg was asked about what […]