First look at The Rock starring in the film version of Steve Moore’s Hercules


I hope you have all read Padraig’s incredibly remembrance of writer Steve Moore. Coincidentally, a movie is being made of the Hercules comic which Moore wrote for Radical. I know this was a corporate “movie” comic, but I will call it Steve Moore’s Hercules from now on. And here are some pictures of the Rock […]

So about that Oblivion Graphic novel…


With Oblivion—the Tom Cruise SF vehicle—opening next week, we have some official word about the graphic novel that inspired it, via Radical Studio’s evp Jesse Berger. Although I’ve been skeptical in the past about Radical’s publishing plans, they approached me in good faith to set the record straight, which is appreciated. In this case the […]

That Oblivion “graphic novel” will probably never be published

We’ve written before about OBLIVION, the SF movie that seemed to be “based’ on a graphic novel by director Joseph Kosinski, adapted by Arvid Nelson and Andree Wallin — although a mock-up of the project was apparently used to lure Tom Cruise into starring in the film (which opens later this month) — Ksinski now says it will most likely never be published::

Radical Studios raises $3 million


Just the other day we were telling you how Radical Studios has ridden the comics-to-movies rollercoaster to some success with a movie based on the not-really-a-GN Oblivion on its way to a multiplex near you. And now, Variety tells us, they’ve raised $3 million of a wished for $9.5 million to “help broaden its digital […]

Why OBLIVION is the most miraculous “comic book movie” of all time


You may have noticed a few trailers for OBLIVION, a new Tom Cruise SF film that seems to fuse the themes of I am Legend, Mission Impossible, War of the Worlds and Minority Report into one handy epic. (It also destroys New York, just as all futuristic movies must.) The film comes out in April and in addition to Cruise it stars Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, Melissa Leo, Zoe Bell and Andrea Riseborough. The director is TRON: UPRISING’s Joseph Kosinski, and he’s also the source of this film’s tenuous but fascinating “graphic novel” connection.

Radical returns to Diamond for book distribution

After a year-long stint with Random House as their book distributor, Radical Publishing is back at Diamond, we are told by press release.

The announcement is a bit of a no-brainer, considering that Radical was at last month’s Diamond Retailer Summit.

Anatomy of a Press Release, Part 2: Disney DROPS Radical's OBLIVION

Back in August, 2010, we told you all about the story behind OBLIVION, a graphic novel concept by director Joe Kosinski (TRON: LEGACY) that was optioned to Disney Studios for a cool $500,000. It seemed like a lot of money for yet another “celebrity comic” so what was so hot about it? At the time we wrote:

SD10: Radical #3735

Radical has a full list of signings by such folk as David Hine, Paul Gulacy, Arvid Nelson, and Jimmy Palmiotti. And Wesley Snipes and Sam Worthington, if that’s how you roll. You can view the entire singing schedule here. Here’s their event list. (More info here.)

Simmons responds: Plagiarism or creativity in the age of borrowing?

Cartoonist/reality star Nick Simmons issued a statement yesterday regarding being caught redhanded lifting images from Bleach and other very well known manga: “Like most artists I am inspired by work I admire. There are certain similarities between some of my work and the work of others. This was simply meant as an homage to artists […]

The Swipist #1: Nick Simmons — UPDATE

UPDATE: A few places are reporting that the “Nick Simmons” who showed up at a Facebook page called Calling for legal action against Nick Simmons for plagiarism of other workswas the real deal with a lot of obviously outrageous comments, but he was not. Word broke yesterday via Live Journal that Nick Simmons, best known […]

SD09: Radical Comics #3735

Arthur Suydam, David Hines and Gene and Nick Simmons are just a few of the folks signing at the Radical Comics booth. In its grand return to San Diego Comic-Con International, Radical Publishing is holding nothing back with its largest booth space ever. The new 30×30 island space, with it’s large overhanging sign and the […]