Making Deadpool gave Ryan Reynolds a nervous breakdown


Deadpool has been in the news of late with the departure of director Tim Miller from the sequel. According to reports, Miller wanted more visual razzmatazz (and Kyle Chandler as Cable) while Reynolds wanted to focus on the raunchy humor and a different Cable. While it sounds like a bumpy road, don’t forget, Reynolds is […]

Could Telltale’s Marvel Game be Guardians of the Galaxy?


It’s been nearly two years since Telltale Games and Marvel announced their partnership to develop a new game which is set to be released in 2017. Since the initial announcement, Telltale have been silent on any details. Spotted by ComicBookMovie, it looks as though the current SAG-AFTRA voice actors strike may have leaked the property […]

Review: INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1: Riri’s Debut is Moving, Emotional, and Powerful


by Defne Sastim Invincible Iron Man #1 is the big introduction for one of the most highly anticipated books and characters in Marvel Comics this year. Riri Williams, a 15-year-old genius, is set to take on the Iron Man mantle as Ironheart in Invincible Iron Man, penned by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Stefano […]

Marvel unleashes Gwenster variants with giant rampaging woman-thing


  Monsters Unleashed gets a totally weird set of variant with…GWENSTERS UNLEASHED. We’ve been telling you about the Monsters Unleashed for a while — the event will see Marvel’s heroes fighting some of the legacy Marvel monsters. On this series we find a giant, rampaging Gwenster creatures,  which I thought would be the classic image […]

Marvel adds four more #1.MU Monsters Unleashed tie-ins


  Marvel Monsters Unleashed event doesn’t kick off until next year, but they are “unleashing” many variants and spin-offs and what not, including four new tie-ins cleverly numbers #1.MU. Among the writers, Chip Zdarsky and  Jeremy Whitley. The characters include Doctor Strange, the Champions, All-New X-Men and Uncanny Inhumans.  These four new tie-ins join previously announced Spider-Man/Deadpool and […]

Ms Marvel says VOTE!


Have you been paying attention to the upcoming election? Crazy huh? Can we possibly survive the next four days without blowing our brains out? It’s going to be a close call. IN the meantime, Ms. Marvel suggests you vote. She doesn’t say which way to vote, but probably she’d support the candidate that doesn’t want […]

Preview: Ghost Rider is back for Marvel Now ’16


The Felipe Smith/Tradd Moore run on Ghost Rider was a stylish new take on the character. The Marvel Now ’16 verssion isn’t quite as stylized, but we’re still digging the manga infused variant cover by Smith, as well as his Hip Hop variant. Ghost Rider #1 goes on sale on November 30th. Start your engines, […]

Bestselling author Chelsea Cain driven off Twitter by harassment from comics “fans” – UPDATED


Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain, the bestselling author of Heartsick and other thrillers, deleted her Twitter account today after receiving abusive tweets yesterday.   In a now vanished series of tweets (one screencapped above)  Cain noted that she was getting harassing tweets, presumably over the above Mockingbird cover and her work there in general. It’s possible that she was […]