DC, WB, Mattel and Target going big on DC Super Hero Girls


Everyone is teaming up for DC Super Hero Girls, the multi-company, multi-platform push for girls’ versions of DC’s lady characters. Target will have an exclusive line of apparel and toys; Boomerang will air a 44-minute special and the digital shorts. The line also claims some firsts: “the first-ever 6-inch action figure designed for girls; first 12-inch collection of action dolls featuring strong, athletic bodies that stand on their own in heroic poses; and first-ever action role-play toys for girls.”

Toys that stand on their own — kinda a nice metaphor there.

Survey of Italian comics retailers reveals a similar Indie/Big Two split


Federico Salvan of the Italian comics news site Manga Forever dropped me a line to alert me to a retailer survey on the state of Italian comics . It’s in Italian, of course, but they surveyed 31 local comics shops out of about 380 180 in Italy, so it’s a somewhat statistically significant survey. UPDATE: […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 2/5/16: Artful smears


  § Hoo boy the drumbeat for Patience by Daniel Clowes is beginning and here’s a petty epic profile of Clowes by Robert Ito with ILLUSTRATIONS by Rutu Modan, Anders Nilsen, Richard Sala, Isabel Seliger, Seth (above, der) and Anuj Shrestha just as a super duper bonus feature. Ito weaves together Clowes history with the rise […]

Report: Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter once fished a paper clip out of a trash basket


There was some drama and soul searching last week when it was revealed that Isaac and Laura Perlmutter had donated a cool $1 million dollars to Donald Trump’s mysterious veterans fundraiser. This was problematic because Perlmutter is Marvel’s CEO and Donald Trump is a racist, sexist demagogue who thinks Muslim people shouldn’t be allowed into […]

You are your environment: Louise Bourgeois, Julia Wertz and the eternal mini-comic problem


Storage: the secret shame of the comics world. Like many in the comics industry I’m a bit of a packrat (to put it mildly) and getting free books all the time doesn’t help. (Tough life, I know.) I was recently reminded of this by a couple of stories. In one, Brooklyn cartoonist Julia Wertz’s tiny […]