SDCC ’15: Marvel Presents Jack Kirby Monster Variants– Full List Inside!


So, it looks like October is going to be pretty terrifying this year.  Yesterday, DC announced that they’d be giving 25 of their books “Monstrous” variants. Today, Marvel announced that they would be offering “Kirby Monster Variants” for their titles.  They’ve hired talented artists such as Paul Pope, Cliff Chiang, Mike Del Mundo, and Jeff […]

SDCC ’15: Marvel Announces “Star Wars: Vader Down,” a HUGE Crossover Event


Announced today at Marvel’s annual SDCC “Cup O’ Joe” Panel featuring Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, the Marvel Star Wars comic franchise will mark its first anniversary by releasing its first line-wide crossover event, Star Wars: Vader Down. Co-written by flagship title author Jason Aaron and Darth Vader writer Kieron Gillen, Vader Down will see the titular Sith […]

SDCC ’15: Top Cow Reveals New Lineup, Including: Sejic’s Blood Stain, Rommulus, September Mourning, and Symmetry


Image Comics imprint Top Cow announced a slew of new titles today at SDCC. First up, we have Blood Stain, a series penned and drawn by Linda Šejić, wife of Sunstone and Rat Queens illustrator Stjepan Šejić.  Like Sunstone, Blood Stain debuted as a webcomic.  The series focuses on Elliot Torres, a chemistry major who’s fallen on hard times and takes […]

SDCC ’15: Grant Morrison Announces “Multiversity Too” and New Batman: Black and White GNs

Multiversity 1_FPO

Today at DC’s Multiversity panel, The Multiversity mastermind Grant Morrison revealed his future plans for the DCU. In addition to writing Wonder Woman: Earth 2, which is scheduled for release this year, Morrison announced Multiversity Too, a brand new line of graphic novels that will spin out of the work he did on his groundbreaking nine issue series this […]

SDCC ’15: News from the EPIC WB Panel; GREEN LANTERN CORPS Movie Announced, Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman Footage!


Today, Warner Bros. filled SDCC’s main stage to capacity.  This is the convention capstone moment everyone has been waiting for.  Prior to the con, Marvel more or less waved the white flag preemptively, choosing to let DC’s film slate have its moment in the sun.  It was an apt decision, considering what’s transpired… The panel […]

SDCC ’15: “Blade: the Hunter,” “Spidey,” and More Teased at Marvel Panel.


Earlier today, Marvel officially announced a number of new titles at their retailer-only event.  However, they also revealed a few more titles that were meant to remain a secret.  Now, a source has revealed these secrets to the world:

SDCC ’15: ROM the Space Knight is Coming Back in a New IDW Series


Tonight, IDW announced that they had picked up the rights to perennial 80s characters Micronauts and ROM.  Two new series featuring these characters are slated for 2016. No creators or other news on the series have been announced at this time, but IDW is definitely on an 80s kick, relaunching Jem and the Holograms a few […]

SDCC ’15: DC and IDW Team Up to Present Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Crossover


Whaaaaa???? In an unprecedented cross-company event, DC and IDW announced today that they would make millions of fans’ dreams come true by teaming the Dark Knight up with the Heroes in a Half Shell.  Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a six-part limited series slated to begin in November, will be written by James Tynion IV and […]

SDCC ’15: DC Announces Superman: Lois and Clark, Titan’s Hunt, Telos, Superman: American Alien, and Coming of the Supermen feat. Neal Adams


DC just announced several new titles, including Superman: Lois and Clark, Titan’s Hunt, Superman: American Alien, Telos, and Coming of the Supermen. Writer Dan Jurgens and artist Lee Weeks will serve as the creative team for Lois and Clark, whose first issue will be released on October 14th.  Set nine years after the events of Convergence, the last son of Krypton […]

SDCC ’15: Marvel Announces New Titles at Retailer Event


Today, Marvel took to the stage to announce the release of several new titles and distributed preview images to several outlets, including Newsarama and CBR.  First, we have All-New All-Different Point One #1, a one-shot filled with short stories that will set the plate for new Marvel stories to come. Then, we have Marvel Superhero Spectacular, another […]

SDCC ’15: Return to the World of “The Usual Suspects” in “Keyzer Soze: Scorched Earth” Comic


Today, film production company Bad Hat Harry announced a partnership with Red 5 Comics that aims to adapt some of its films into comic series.  The first of these adaptations is Keyzer Soze: Scorched Earth, a comic based off of Bryan Singer’s noir The Usual Suspects.  It will focus on the titular character’s origins as he assembles a […]

SDCC ’15: Korrasami Hype Train Continues as Dark Horse Announces Legend of Korra Comic Series


At the end of The Legend of Korra, showrunners Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko implied, and then took to their blogs to confirm, that Avatar Korra and Asami Sato were more than just friends.  And thus, millions of ships finally reached land. Today, Dark Horse announced that Korra and Asami’s story would continue in a new series […]

SDCC ’15: HEROES Actor Greg Grunberg to Pen “Dream Jumper: Nightmare Escape” Graphic Novel


Well here’s a fun one.  On June 28th, 2016, Scholastic plans to release a graphic novel written by Heroes star Greg Grunberg and artist Lucas Turnbloom.  The story, entitled Dream Jumper: Nightmare Escape, marks the start of a new YA comics franchise for Scholastic, which is more well known for its traditional childrens’ picture books and novels, but has […]

SDCC ’15: Lego Doctor Who and a September 19th season 9 release date among highlights from Doctor Who panel


Many of the fans packed into Hall H on Thursday waited overnight on the street outside of the San Diego Convention Center for their chance to catch Peter Capaldi’s first appearance at SDCC since becoming the Twelfth Doctor on Doctor Who.

SDCC ’15: VERTIGO Strikes Back at Claims of Demise; Announces TWELVE New Series Including the Return of The Sandman’s LUCIFER

LUCIFER white wings - promo

Earlier this week, I took an in depth look at the claims The Wake illustrator Sean Murphy made in an interview with David Harper of SKTCHD.  Currently, Vertigo only has seven ongoing titles including the rapidly concluding Sandman: Overture.  No new titles have been announced in a year, and although their CMYK and Strange Sports anthologies have shown promise, […]

SDCC ’15: Less than 1% of Open Submissions Might be Published


Scott Pilgrim and Sixth Gun publisher Oni Press made waves a few months back when they announced the opening of their open submission program, which is notable for its focus on writers as well as artists.  Today, at their SDCC panel, they gave a sobering update to all those hopeful scribes. More @OniPress stats (they love their […]