MATT CHATS: Chris Lewis Talks Violence, Karma and Kickstarter for Digital First Series

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I always know I’m getting something unlike anything else on the shelf when I buy a Chris Lewis comic. His last multi-issue series, Drones, for example, was a psychedelic satire about the military. His latest effort, the digital first Karma Police series about a group of monks fighting for peace, might be even stranger, in […]

INTERVIEW: Marc Guggenheim talks Representation in DC’s ARROW and the Marvel Universe Pleasant Hill Conspiracy

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Unlike the eponymous ABC TV show, Marvel’s new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. comic isn’t bound by budgets, cameos or contracts.  Series writer and Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim is using that freedom to tell an expansive, grandiose story that seeks to transform the way you experience the Marvel Universe. Following a recent editorial, Comics Beat reporter […]

C2E2: Robbie Thompson on Supernatural, Spidey and Fandom


Robbie Thompson first came to prominence in the nerd sphere as a writer on the long-running Supernatural TV series, but recently he jumped into the comics fold. He’s doing no less than three titles in the Spider-Man corner: Silk, Venom: Space Knight and my favorite, the all-ages Spidey. I spoke to Robbie about the transition […]

MATT CHATS: Ryan K. Lindsay on a Digital Comic for a “Buck” with DEER EDITOR: Fearless


For a comic inspired by a typo, Deer Editor has already had a pretty rich history. A successful Kickstarter, especially given that the comics were only offered digitally, was conducted for the first volume. A new campaign for the sequel is currently underway. I spoke to project manager and writer Ryan K. Lindsay about building […]

MATT CHATS: Paul Allor on the Geopolitical, Topical, but not Allegorical, Fantasy ‘Past the Last Mountain’


With something as subjective as a comic book there is never any guarantee of quality, even from creators you trust. I asked Paul Allor, who I’ve known for a few years, if he wanted to do an interview for his new Comics Experience/ComiXology Submit series, illustrated by Louie Joyce and Gannon Beck. He was interested, and […]

MATT CHATS: Otis Frampton on ‘Oddly Normal’ and its Atypical Journey to Publication


Oddly Normal marked a rare foray for Image Comics into the children’s book market, and it appears to have been a successful one. Image got the series into the well-known, widely attended Scholastic Book Fair, which opens Oddly Normal up to a whole new audience and expands its commercial options. Creatively, Oddly Normal is a […]

MATT CHATS: IDW Editor Bobby Curnow on the Balance Between Licenses and Original Concepts


IDW is mainly known for its publication of licensed work, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and My Little Pony. But the publisher has been transitioning lately with a renewed focus on creator-owned comics, first by acquiring Top Shelf and now by starting the Comics Experience imprint, home to some great titles like Tet and Gutter Magic. Editor Bobby Curnow is […]

MATT CHATS: Shaun Simon on Collaboration with Gerard Way, Brilliant Artists and in a Whole New Medium

101_8865  Becky Cloonan and Shaun Simon

A collaboration with rockstar and comics writer extraordinare Gerard Way on Killjoys guaranteed that I’d read something written by Shaun Simon, but the stellar quality of his work is what keeps bringing me back. Neverboy, illustrated by Tyler Jenkins and published by Dark Horse, really wowed me. Simon’s follow-up to that is Art Ops, a […]

Page rates: what’s fair is fair except when it isn’t


I’m late in commenting on the industry rates survey posted by Fair Page Rates an anonymous industry watchdog. But along with the sales softening I was writing about earlier, it’s part of an industry infrastructure that isn’t as strong as it could be. The survey quotes a lot of page rates based on a survey […]