SD10 the wrap-up: Eating scraps

Lesson #1 of San Diego Comic-Con 2010: You can’t live on breakfast from the Embassy Suites.

Or if you do, you will pay a fightful price.

It was Thursday morning at Comic-Con, the morning after Preview night and the day when things blast into high gear with a roar of thunders and a crack of ozone. It was my second morning at the Embassy Suites, the “family hotel” of the Inner Circle. With a free breakfast buffet and “manager’s receptions”—aka FREE BOOZE—every evening, not to mention giant suites that sleep 6 comfortably, the Embassy Suites is the best bargain at the con for those, like this year’s Beat, on a budget.

SD10: True Blood was EVERYWHERE

By Shannon O’Leary, Entertainment Editor<P>

Last week I said I’d turn in a late True Blood Recap after I got back from Comic Con. Last week I hadn’t actually gone to Comic Con yet.   Going to Comic Con this year was not unlike attending The Fall of Saigon. It was a crowded combat zone littered with hundreds of thousands of nerds elbowing each other out of the way so they could get their pop culture freak on until one of them got stabbed in the face with a pen! <P>

I’m not saying it wasn’t fun. I had a blast! But after all that madness, chaos and immersive viral marketing I just don’t have it in me to properly recap the sixth episode of Season Three: I Got A Right To Sing The Blues. Sorry to not live up to my commitments to you, the fang faithful, but I’ve been to war and back and I’m going to save my recapping jujitsu for episode seven on Sunday. What I can do now is tell you a little war story.<P>

SD10: The Final frontier

As images of SD10 filter out, the defining one has yet to manifest itself, but in this image of a woman helping her Iron Man-themed friend pee into a bottle, we have a fetish-palooza: water sports, mascots, bondage, superheroes. No wonder Comic-Con is all things to all people. But the one message that this image […]

DC Comics announces “All-Star Green Lantern”

With little fanfare, right under the noses of thousands of Comic-Con attendees, DC Comics, in partnership with Converse, announced the creation of five unique designs. (Literally. Most of the DC booth staffers were wearing the new designs last weekend.) Available in September from Journeys, the line will feature five different designs based on the iconic Chuck Taylor […]

How others cover Comic-Con

As we wait for the Beatrix to recover from her annual pilgrimage to San Diego, here are some other websites, and their consolidated reportage on Comic-Con International: San Diego. These are some of my favorites, and some I could remember.  The list is not comprehensive, merely a distraction while we wait for Heidi to return. […]

SD10: FBI and Disney team for Mickey Mouse reprints

Probably the biggest “classic comics” announcement at SD10 was a new series of reprints of Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse comic strip. Disney is partnering with Fantagraphics for the reprints, which will begin in 2011. Gottfredson’s Mickey was far from the benign company spokesman we all know and love. Rather he was a bold, dynamic adventurer, […]