The Retailer’s View // Quite A Lot Of Variants


Today, I’m staring down the initial order deadline for titles releasing in November. The initial order deadline is something I neglect to realize is coming until a few days before they’re due – and while there’s always a lot of prep that is done ahead of time, going through the order book will still take […]

The Retailer’s View // DC Youoops


A few months ago, as I was running a deposit to the bank, I ran into the store’s landlord at the terminal next to mine. As we both waited on our tellers to process our various requests, we had a small chat. He asked how the business was going. I replied that the store had […]

The Retailer’s View // Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Burning Bridge

The internet will surely be the death of me. It will probably be somebody saying some petty racist stuff that will do it. My eyes will fall across a bile filled screed about how people who aren’t white and male are scary, dangerous and/or lesser than and a blood vessel will pop, and that will […]