The Retailer’s View // After-Rebirth


One of these “strike while the iron is hot” deals. Or more accurately, strike when your brain feels like co-operating. Last night, DC took the stage at this year’s Comics Pro meeting to talk about their upcoming Rebirth initiative, and was met with resounding murmurs from the internet. The reasons for this are plentiful, starting […]

The Retailer’s View // Rebirthing Pains


It’s been quite a while since the last edition of The Retailer’s View, and there are several reasons for that. Almost all of them can be grouped under the heading “year one of a business is tricky as hell”, though a bit can be attributed to the emotional drop I encountered at the end of […]

The Retailer’s View // Quite A Lot Of Variants


Today, I’m staring down the initial order deadline for titles releasing in November. The initial order deadline is something I neglect to realize is coming until a few days before they’re due – and while there’s always a lot of prep that is done ahead of time, going through the order book will still take […]