HeroesCon Interview: Tula Lotay Talks Thought Bubble, Supreme: Blue Rose, and Future Projects

Tula Lotay colors prints at HeroesCon 2015

by Harper W. Harris Certainly one of the busiest artists at HeroesCon 2015 was Tula Lotay, who has burst onto the mainstage of comic artists in the last year, working with Warren Ellis on Supreme: Blue Rose as well as the unique Vertigo title Bodies written by Si Spencer in which each issue shared four […]

HeroesCon Interview: Comic Blitz App Offers Netflix Experience for Comics

Comic Blitz Founder Jordan Plosky on the floor of HeroesCon 2015

by Harper W. Harris On Saturday, I got the chance to speak with Jordan Plosky, founder of Comic Blitz, a new comic app that operates much like Marvel Unlimited, only not just limited to Marvel. Although the company has only Valiant and Dynamite on board at this stage, they have plans to announce many more […]

Interview: Bryan Hill in Conversation with Former Batman Editor Joseph Illidge


By Bryan Hill I met Joseph Illidge in 2002, before I wrote my first comic book. That year was a lot of me listening to his experience as a writer, filmmaker and comic book editor — and a few arguments about which Frank Miller work was the best, who would you rather have a pint […]

*Sunday UPDATE* SDCC ’15 Exclusive Funko Toy Announcements

Dorbz XL: Guardians of the Galaxy - 6" Mossy Groot

By Nick Eskey Thanks for tuning in geeky guys and gals to this Sunday update of SDCC ’15 Funko toy release. Better known for their “POP!” line, Funko strives to “cover as many beloved licenses and characters as possible to remind every Comic-Con attendee why they fell in love with these stories in the first […]

HeroesCon: Deconnick to End Run on Captain Marvel; Milkfed Criminal Masterminds Talk New and Upcoming Issues

Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Christian Ward, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Chip Zdarsky discuss upcoming comics

by Harper W. Harris One of the most fun and unique experiences at HeroesCon today was the Milkfed Criminal Masterminds panel, which featured Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue Deconnick, and co. discussing all their various projects while keeping the audience consistently laughing. After speaking briefly on the Charleston shooting and holding a moment of silence, they […]

*FRIDAY UPDATE* SDCC ’15 Exclusive Funko Toy Announcements

Pop! TV: American Horror Story: Freak Show - Twisty Unmasked

By Nick Eskey Thanks for tuning in boys and girls! This is the Friday update for the newest Funko toy exclusives available at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. If you want to find any of the previously announced figures, go ahead and check back through the articles for “Funko” and “SDCC ’15.” Just as a […]

Creator Signing: How To Get Up Close and Huggable with The Wuvable Oaf


By Victor Van Scoit With San Diego Comic-Con around the corner, press releases titled “San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive” are coming fast and furious (where’s Vin Diesel when we need him?). It’s safe to assume that the norm is for the best goodies to be available only at San Diego. Leave it to James Sime, the […]

Prez Visits the Stately Beat Manor Staff Comics Pull for 6/17/15


  With the new Prez series launching next week as part of the New DC You(niverse) members of The Beat were attempting to do everything they could to get an exclusive interview with Prez Rickard, the former DC teenage hero and star of the original Prez title. Reaching out to Rickard was difficult, after all, The Beat […]

SDCC ’15 Exclusive Funko Toy Announcements

Pop! Movies: Penguins of Madagascar - Cheesy Skipper

By Nick Eskey Funko, the company best known for their “POP!” line of figurines, will be releasing a plethora (great word huh?) of Comic Con exclusives this year. A new list of additions will be released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until June 29th, so make sure you check back for the latest news. This […]

Review: Seeing Ghosts and Robots in “Empty Zone” #1

Empty Zone #1

By Nick Eskey   Writer: Jason Shawn Alexander Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander Color: Luis Nct Letters: Sherard Jackson Publisher: Image Comics     Have you heard about the story set in a neo-noir dystopian society somewhere in the not so distant future? Most of you are probably nodding your heads in an emphatic yes. Adding to […]

San Diego Comic-Con ’15: Perfect Pack Preparedness

My back-up USB drive is this 16GB Mimobot Batman

By Nick Eskey Those who are watching the ticking clock of San Diego Comic-Con know that it’s less than a month away. This is one of the largest and busiest conventions in the world (sometimes just as turbulent and exciting as tornado season). A certain level of preparedness is in order for such an event. […]

The Circus of Crime Visits the Stately Beat Manor Staff Picks for 6/10/15


All week long The Beat has been covering all facets of the comic book industry and attempting to secure our own doors away from the various comics characters who attempt to breach the domain in which we all live under one roof: The Stately Beat Manor. Together, members of the Manor bolted down each window, […]

Interview: Sydney Padua presents “The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage”

978-0-307-90827-8[1] 2

by Alex Dueben For the past few years, one of the funniest, strangest and most inventive webcomics around has been crafted by Sydney Padua, a Canadian animator living in Britain, who has been telling strange fictional adventures (and misadventures) of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace. Admittedly, 19th century mathematics does not seem like a logical […]

Interview: Jack Baxter returns to Tel Aviv for Mike’s Place


By Cal Cleary Jack Baxter, an American filmmaker, went to Israel in 2003 to make a documentary. When his initial subject fell through, he found a new story in the form of Mike’s Place, a Tel Aviv blues bar where people from all over could meet in peace amidst all the turmoil. There, he met […]

Review: Nothing And Everything Left To The Imagination In James Robinson And Greg Hinkle’s “AIRBOY”

“James Robbins” himself, being assigned the Airboy comic for a reboot

by Nick Eskey For starters, this work is not for kids, and there might be a plot spoiler. With that out of the way, let’s review! Airboy was originally made during the boom of super hero comics in the World War II era, where America dreamed of spandex clad heroes fighting not only super villains, […]

Color King Visits the Stately Beat Manor Comics Pull for 6/3/15

color queen

  This week at The Beat our staff members were particularly swamped with new books — between Archie comics ending their titular title and DC in the midst of a huge line-wide reboot, we had our work cut out for us at the Stately Beat Manor. After a hearty week of article writin’, when we […]