Review: Divinity #1 adds meta-textual richness to the Valiant Universe


By Harper Harris Valiant Entertainment has been gradually earning a loyal fanbase since their return in 2012, but in the last several months their line has skyrocketed to the top of the list of publishers to watch. This is largely due to the inclusion of some fantastic talents that have joined up in the Valiant […]

Templesmith Does Lovecraft


by Pamela Auditore Anyone familiar with Spike TV Scream Award Winner and New York Times Bestselling Artist/Writer Ben Templesmith’s work knows he is profoundly influenced by HP Lovecraft. Even a cursorary glance at his art makes this apparent. Lovecraft’s influence is most directly on display in Templesmith’s most recent graphic novel Squidder.  A tale of […]

Chris Lewis Blends the Entertainment Industry with the War on Terror in IDW’s ‘Drones’ [Interview]

DRONES 01 frontcover

By Matt O’Keefe Featured image art by Ramon Villalobos. The second in a line of miniseries from the Comics Experience-IDW Publishing alliance (read more about that here), Drones by Chris Lewis, Bruno Oliveira, Anderson Cabral and E.T. Dollman is one of the most bizarre and buzz-worthy comics I’ve read in a long time. A story of two Predator drone […]

Sales Charts: The Best selling graphic novels on Amazon in 2014


[David Carter is the author of our monthly DC sales charts but he also hosts his own site, Yet Another Comics Blog, where he catalogs Amazon’s graphic novel sales each week. Although these are a rolling average, They do provide some clues to what were the best selling books of the year. Take it away, David!]

Review: Cluster #1 War is Hell on Celebrities


Given the rash of criminal activity celebrities get away with dominating headlines today, Cluster feels like a timely commentary on current events. Ed Brisson’s story follows the semi-celebrity daughter of a politician, Samara Simmons.

Marvel Opens Their Diary in Secret Wars Journal


It’s not Punisher War Journal, it’s the entire Marvel Universe in Secret Wars Journal

Review: Once Upon A Hard Time Is A Good Time For The Goon


If there’s a textbook that exist on making comics, then Eric Powell probably wrote about half of it. The five time Eisner Award winner consistently crafts quality stories with every book he produces. His latest, The Goon: Once Upon A Hard Time is yet another example of how great a work of art comic books can be.

Interview: Josh Fialkov on the Past, the Present and “The Life After”


by Matt O’Keefe Josh Fialkov has been on a creator-owned binge lately, delivering stories about brand new characters from an array of publishers. I previously talked to him about The Devilers, a series following team of exorcists from a number of different religions. His most recent work is The Life After, a series written by him and […]

Marvel Launching Secret Wars 2099


The only thing we know is come this May you can’t escape the ocean of Secret Wars books. Today Marvel announced yet another, this time the 2099 universe enters the fray.

Review: The Sculptor is a page-turning meditation on life, art & love


A review of Scott McCloud’s long awaited graphic novel

TT Games Announce 2015 Lego Lineup Including Avengers


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO Group today announced their 2015 slate of LEGO videogames, including LEGO Jurassic World, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, plus new handheld and mobile titles. Here’s the full rundown straight from Warner Bros Interactive.

Review: Effigy #1 Burns Bright

Effigy (2015-) 001-000

In a week where you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a good comic, Effigy carves out a noticeable place for itself and on your pull list. Issue one sets up a world of glamour, ritual murder, and mystery that could lead to this series being one of Vertigo’s best 2015 books.

Agent Carter show runners reveal Black Widow connection


It’s not often show runners confirm fan speculation before a plot point is revealed on-screen, but that’s exactly what happened when Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas — the team behind Agent Carter — talked with Eric Goldman of IGN.

Inhumans Enter The Secret Wars Battleworld


Yesterday we learned Miles Morales and the rest of the Ultimate universe would enter Secret Wars Battleworld in Ultimate End. Today Marvel announced superstar writer Charles Soule would bring the Inhumans into Battleworld

Review: Quantum & Woody Must Die But Not Just Yet


curiosity has won me over and I decided to dive right in starting with Quantum and Woody Must Die #1. After belly flopping in the pool I can say Peter Venkman put it best in this classic line “ I’ve worked with better, but not many.”

Secret Wars: Miles Morales and The Ultimate Universe Enter Battleworld


The hour glass containing the remaining days of the Marvel Universe as we know it continued to drip grains of information