Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 6/2/15: Second Avenue Caper wins a Lammy


§ The Lammy Awards were presented last night, aka the Lambda Literary Awards, which honor LGBTQ literature in many categories from lesbian romance to transgender fiction. The Graphic novel nominees were: 100 Crushes by Elisha Lim Band Vs. Band Comix Volume 1 by Kathleen Jacques Pregnant Butch: Nine Long Months Spent in Drag by A.K. […]

Andy Oliver replaces Frederik Hautain as Broken Frontier EiC


The Great 2015 Comics Site Editor-in-Chief Mass Step Down continues as Broken Frontier, a long running comics news and culture site, has announced that Andy Oliver will takes over the site from Frederik Hautain, who held the position since the site’s launch in 2002. Oliver was previously Managing Editor, and they are seeking candidates for that position now. Check out the details here or send an application to [email protected] Like every job in comics journalism, it is an unpaid position.

Matt Bors on changes at the Nib


As reported last week, The Nib, the political comics site edited by Matt Bors and run by Medium, is undergoing some changes, and on Friday, Bors explained what’s what. Basically, the site is moving away from daily publishing—and won’t be running weekly comic strips any more—but will continue to publish editorial, satirical and journalistic pieces. […]

Bazooka Joe gets a new look


Bazooka Joe, the icon of Bazooka brand bubble gum, and star of countless mini comic strips packaged with that gum, has a new modern look consisting of “a stylish, modern version of his well-known ensemble of jeans, t-shirt, and baseball cap.” The new look was chosen in an online voting process by fans, with artists offering up their looks. (You can see some of them here,) The winner was designed by Victor Intrasombat of Clockwork Animation. The new look will be given a renewed push for merchandise and gum pack comics.

RIP Michele Wrightson


According to several social media postings, Michelle Wrightson has passed away. Wrightson contributed as a colorist on several Marvel, Heavy Metal and Milestone comics, and was a cartoonist in It Ain’t Me Babe, the first all-woman comics anthology. I don’t know too much of her life story, but she was married to cartoonist Roger Brand […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 6/1/15: Do not movie Comic-Con to Las Vegas!


Wow last week was as arduous as Comic-Con, between Book Expo and BookCon…but I survived, and I never bought any food at the Javits! Okay, I did buy some Pinkberry on Friday afternoon because I saw Christine Dinh eating some and she looked so happy, and after I got some I was happy too even […]

DC’s in-story ads only to destroy comics for a month…so far


The facing page Twix ad is only a one-off…but it is enough to destroy the comics industry as we know it?

Jughead from Zdarsky and Henderson is coming this fall


While an attempt to crowdfund its new line didn’t work, Archie Comics is moving full speed ahead with their reboot, and the planned Jughead title by Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson is coming out this fall. Henderson had been drawing Unbeatable Squirrel Girl for Marvel, so you can kind of draw a line there. The […]

Denver Comic Con had 16 panels on Women—including one that was a flash mob


Denver Comic Con is a bit of a puzzler. It’s a huge, fast growing show that entertains many people, but it’s also had a lot of problems with crowding, ownership and some eye-rolling over the claimed number of attendees. It also has a strong educational focus, which is good, but a rather chaotic panel schedule, […]

BEA 2015: More French comics on the way to the US


The gorgeous Albertine bookstore at the French Embassy. —- I’m in the middle of Book Expo/Book Con hubbub but I wanted to draw beat readers attention to the conference on French-language comics held this past Tuesday as a kickoff for BEA. The invite-only event was organized by BIEF, a French books organization, but agent/translator Ivanka […]

The best comics site out there, The Nib, is changing focus


The Nib is the best comics site out there, with new comics every day from some of the greatest cartoonists working. Edited by Matt Bors, it’s a model of how a comics site can be sharply observent and politically relevant, and yet still be good comics overal, with both editorial cartoons—Tis Modern World, Tom the Dancing Bug, Slowpoke, Bors own strip—and new work by folks like Emily Flake, Lisa Hanawalt, R Stevens, Ted Rall, Brian McFadden, Erika Moen, Shannon Wheeler and more more more. A whole generation of incisive non-fiction cartoonists, given a paying platform to work for.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to be around in the same form any more.

That ‘Wilson’ movie is on again with Harrelson and Dern


Daniel Clowes is the Mark Millar of the indie comics set, with two of his graphic novels—Ghost World and Art School Confidential—having been filmed. And now a third, Wilson, based on the GN of the same name, is back on track, with filming set for Minneapolis next month. The script is by Clowes.

SDCC ’15: Nerd HQ teams with IGN and the SD Childern’s Museum


Doubtless spurred by my relentless questioning of their existence, yesterday it was announced that Nerd HQ would be returning to Comic-Con this time merging with IGN and with a new venue, the New Children’s Museum at 200 W Island Ave—just across the tracks from the Hyatt and a very convenient spot for shilling. So this […]

Sam Hiti is not dead, but that’s about all we know


Yesterday, the tumblr of incredibly talented cartoonist Sam Hiti presented a post called Rest in Pages Sam Hiti which suggested that he had passed away. Immediately social media flooded with reports that he was in fact alive and podcaster Charlie La Greca was on the phone with him. I know people want an explanation. I […]

Grumpy Cat is getting her own comic book from Dynamite


Grumpy Cat, the professional name of the mixed breed cat Tardar Sauce, is getting her own comic book! Considering that she draws the biggest lines at any event she shows up at and has 31 million YoutTube vies, I’d say…it’s about time. The comic will co-star her real life brother Pokey, and if you get […]

Troy Little adapting Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in October


Hunter S. Thompson’s birth of the gonzo memoir fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is getting a comics adaptation from Xeric-winning, Eisner nominated artist Troy Little (Chiarascuro). Created in cooperation with the Thompson estate, the book is due this October from Top Shelf. Notably, it’s also the first book to be an “IDW/Top Shelf” production […]