SDCC ’16: DC now sells more graphic novels than periodicals


A lot has been reported from DC’s press breakfasts but I don’t think anyone directly called out this headline…and what a headline it is. More of DC’s revenuse performnes come from graphic novels and the backlist than periodicals. I’m told this has been true for several years. Of course the powerhouse performance of all-time sellers […]

Statistics: eBay reveals hot pop culture franchises – Star Wars and Mr. Robot


Using data of sales and sales velocity on their auction platform ver the last ten years, eBay has taken crack at picking the most popular pop culture franchises. And to little surprise, the #1 franchise is Star Wars, with nearly $600 million in merchandise sold, followed by Batman with $216 million. Interestingly Marvel’s highest ranking […]

Comics blog death watch: The Hooded Utilitarian goes into the long hiatus of unknown length


Here’s a brief burst of non SDCC news: Noah Berlatsky announced that The Hooded Utilitarian blog is going on hiatus: Hey all. I wanted to tell you that HU is going on semi-hiatus, at least for the summer, and possibly for good. We’ll see what happens, but my family is moving in the next couple […]