A new Seth book is coming!

A new Seth book is coming!

PALOOKAVILLE #21 is on its way, and while the looong running Clyde Fans serial is on hold, Seth digs into his own life story in the cheerfully titled “Nothing Lasts.” Seth may be gloomy but he’s also one of our all-time favorite cartoonists; we’ll race to pick this up.

This is an auto-bio comic where Seth reminisces about his childhood and his mother and I might even go so far as to say it’s a revelation. It promises to be a much longer comic when completed–one of many comics that Seth does concurrently with his “Clyde Fans” serial as well as his work with Lemony Snicket on the new All the Wrong Questions series.

Here’s a short preview (click to embiggen):

PV21.nothinglasts_p1-4 (2).jpg

Via Drawn and Quarterly


  1. Chris Hero says

    YAY! I’ve had this on order forever now. I can’t wait! Seth’s comics are always so well created!

  2. Tom Devlin says

    CLYDE FANS isn’t on hold. Sorry if it seemed like I was implying that it was. There will be 30 pages of CLYDE in the new issue. As well, as many pages of Seth’s “rubber stamp diaries.”

  3. The Beat says

    What what now? Autiobio amazement AND Clyde Fans AND stamps? Could things get any better!!!!

  4. Ron says

    “Seth may be gloomy but he’s also one of our all-time favorite cartoonists; we’ll race to pick this up. ”

    Maybe I just met him on a good day and read his more positive work but I don’t consider Seth or his work gloomy.

    Anyway, hurray for new work from Seth!

  5. comicsatemybrain says

    “I’ve had this on order forever now.”
    “on the way”

    What timeframe? Was this solicited through Diamond? If so, I missed out on pre-ordering it! :(

  6. Chris Hero says


    Even though I’m trying to buy most of my comics and books at physical stores, for stuff like this or Love &Rockets or any indie release, I pre-order through Amazon. (I’ve been burned too often trying to work with comic stores to pre-order indie books to try anymore.) I pre-ordered Palookaville 21 a year ago. I have no idea if Diamond has offered it for order or not yet.

  7. Dennis V. says

    Will Seth’s ‘Clyde Fans’ story ever end? It’s dragged on way too long.

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