Hyderabad Comic-Con warms up with workshop


I guess it is time for the Beat to look for a comics correspondent in India! As comic-cons move to various cities in India, The Comic Con Express is coming in September and they’re setting it up with a one-day workshop with writer Jai Undurti who will look at the making of his graphic novel […]

Wonder Woman, Zenith and New Seaguy: Laura Sneddon Interviews Grant Morrison


Laura Sneddon, whom we claim as our own and have dubbed ‘Sneddsy’ against her protestations, today has an interview with Grant Morrison up on The Guardian’s website. In the piece, which focuses on his upcoming Wonder Woman graphic novel at DC, Morrison also discusses the current Zenith situation – as well as revealing off-hand that […]

Boom Set Up Facebook Page for Artistic Submissions


Breaking into the comics industry is both the easiest thing and hardest thing imaginable to do, for new artists. There are now endless forums to get your work where people can see it – from portfolio reviews to webcomics, DeviantArt to digital competition – but now also endless numbers of rivals at the doorstep. Now […]